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Appointment Setting

Intelemark has been connecting our clients to their target prospects for over 13 years in our current business model. We have been a leader in B2B demand generation and specifically B2B appointment setting and B2B lead generation. Over the years, Intelemark has provided successful outreach campaigns for companies of all sizes from Fortune 100 to start ups. Each client ultimately has the same need; qualified B2B sales leads to drive revenue to their respective companies.

Astute sales and marketing leaders know that one of the best ways to build pipeline is to utilize the services of an expert and experienced B2B appointment setting/B2B lead generation company. However, all B2B appointment setting services are simply not equal. Many articles have been written about B2B appointment setting companies and how to choose the right vendor for your specific objectives. Over the years, and having conducted thousands of campaigns, we know that each B2B lead generation or B2B appointment setting campaign is unique. Each requires different capabilities and skill sets from the B2B demand generation company that they engage. So how does a company find the right partner?

As a company seeks the right partner for their lead generation and pipeline development activities, we know that the more vendors you speak to, the more it may seem like trying to buy stereo speakers; they all start to sound the same! Calling Intelemark for your B2B appointment setting services can change that. Of course, there are certain commonalities among B2B lead generation and B2B appointment setting companies. That is obvious. But it is in the “how and the “why” that makes Intelemark unique and a leader in this industry.

The “how” is our special sauce. Over the past 13+ years we have tested, tested, refined, tested, revised, and ultimately evolved our methodologies and techniques for our various B2B demand generation services. The “why” is what has kept Intelemark going for all these years as a leading B2B lead generation company. The “why” is because we take great pride in being a partner to our clients in their realizing superior revenues from our efforts. We do everything humanly possible to provide the best possible outcome to each campaign we provide. With thousands of successful B2B appointment setting and B2B lead generation campaigns conducted over the years we have been a part of the success of countless clients. We focus on that “why” every day.

Intelemark is not the right vendor for every company. We work hard to understand the needs of prospective clients so that those who are not a fit for Intelemark are quickly informed and directed to other B2B lead generation companies or resources. What makes Intelemark a good, even great fit for some companies?

For every new appointment setting or lead generation client that Intelemark takes on, a “test campaign” is developed as a proof of concept exercise. Each campaign is highly customized. There are no two B2B appointment setting or B2B lead generation campaigns that are the same. The “test period” extends for a certain period of time based upon the objective (B2B lead generation or B2B appointment setting services being the two most popular) and the level of difficulty of such campaign.

Some of the prospective clients that we do not accept are companies who are looking for B2B lead generation services trying to promote a commodity or a product/solution perceived as a commodity. Their target prospects are often not engaged in considering alternatives and subsequently it becomes extremely difficult to generate B2B sales leads. However, as an example, for companies in the technology and healthcare sectors, Intelemark is an outstanding option. Over the past 13+ years in the complex appointment setting and lead generation discipline, Intelemark has driven significant incremental revenue for hundreds of clients in those fields and others. We understand technology and we understand healthcare. Our leaders have worked in both. We continue our history of successful B2B demand generation for clients in technology and healthcare and in many other verticals as well.

Call Intelemark today to understand how a customized B2B appointment setting or B2B lead generation campaign can drive revenues for your company. Once you have spoken to other vendors and then to Intelemark, you will understand why we are known as a best of breed B2B appointment setting company. And why when companies of all sizes look to build their sales pipelines through any number of different B2B telemarketing services, Intelemark is the easy choice. It is our focus on the “why” every day!

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