our services.there’s an artistry to what we do.
it all begins with having the perfect tools.

    • Our Business Development agents set appointments or generate leads by first identifying whether the contact is a realistic prospect for your company. We base this on the qualification parameters that you set. If they are qualified, we then schedule the prospect for a face-to-face or telephone appointment at a designated time. Sounds easy. But before we pick up the phone, we’ve spent hours understanding your offering, your brand, your message and your market. And because our agents are paid hourly, not on commission, they can focus on the quality of the prospects we bring you, not the quantity. This is just one of the things that differentiates us from the rest. This is why we are The Business Connection Company.
    • Like B2B appointment setting with one major difference: You still set the level of qualifications, we still articulate your value proposition, but instead of setting a timed appointment, the prospect agrees to take a call over a broad period of time. We make sure they are not only willing, but anxious to talk to one of your representatives.
    • How do you figure out who to call when you have a list of hundreds or thousands of names? We do it for you. Our Communication Specialists can sift through lists of potential names and contacts and then tell you who you need to be talking to, and who you don’t. Once we attain this invaluable information, we can help you keep track of the leads you have, and get your sales team in front of the prospect when they are ready to buy. Identifying highly qualified leads is one of the ways we became the most effective business connection company in this business. And we are happy to do it for you.
    • This is demand generation the old fashioned way: face-to-face. We have the unique ability to drive attendance to your event whether it be trade shows, large meetings, road shows, or even webinars. Our level of expertise in outbound calling enables us to fill a room with the ideal attendees and prospects for your event with ease. It’s one of the things we love to do, help you gain real time results in real time.
    • Here is where the expertise of our Business Development Team along with the extensive industry knowledge of our Advisory Board make a critical difference to your company’s market edge, market share and market impact. With our Sales Intelligence service, we are able to uncover critical data as to the way your target audience may be thinking or feeling about the product or service they’re using from one of your competitors. Why they chose it. How long they’ve been using it. What, if any, are their concerns about it. And most importantly, when they might be ready to replace it. We give this vital industry feedback to you and your sales team so that when we help you craft the message for your next calling campaign, we are speaking a language that your target needs to hear.
    • What is your real ROI from your last tradeshow, seminar or webinar? If you’re like most companies, not as high as you imagined it should be. That’s where we come in. We can help you make sure that the contacts you made become the customers you keep. But to capture them you need to be fast, responsive, and timely otherwise you could lose them. Since there’s nothing like making a great first impression, before your event even begins, you need to call us. We’ll make sure that once your event is over, we will reach out to these new leads immediately. You’ll not only have those people on your call list, but already anxious to hear from you. Over the years, we’ve done this so well, that many of our clients request that we use this service as a means of Lead Qualification, so we have the resources and the bandwidth to generate this essential data for all our clients without blinking an eye.
    • This is something that we see as essential to your time and energy: cleaning up old contact data and making it new again. That’s why we see Database Cleanup and Vetting as essential to your overall success. We can replace old data with new, accurate information for your contacts including titles, correct spelling, phone numbers, and email addresses. Our Agents capture multiple fields of information as directed, and export that to your current database or CRM flawlessly. Because we know there’s nothing more important than making the right business connection, this is one of the most invaluable services we can provide to our clients.
    • We know the challenges of working with VARS, and we know the critical importance to your bottom line of overcoming these challenges successfully. That’s why we offer the skill-set required to reach out, nurture and/or validate your existing VAR relationships. We can also help you bring on new products to increase your network. We not only personally connect with the appropriate VAR contacts on behalf of your company, but we update them on your current product and services, inform them of new initiatives and/or industry specific information that will not only solidify your current relationships, but help you build new ones. It’s just one of the many ways we make sure you are not only constantly connected to your current revenue stream, but creating new streams of revenue at the same time.
    • This is where having the right knowledge can make the difference between a sales campaign investment and a huge mistake. With our Market Research/Survey services, we can help you not only identify what is making your current customers happy, but more importantly, why they aren’t. Knowing exactly what your current and potential clients like or dislike about your products or services can help provide you with invaluable market feedback and the potential of greater market share in the future. And there’s not enough we can say about that.
    • Approximately ten years ago, Intelemark developed a proprietary software application that allowed us to provide extensive reporting to our clients, do significant data analyses to optimize the success of each campaign, and to capture critical intelligence as part of each calling campaign that we provided. Intelemark is now proud to introduce our new integrated software tool “Intelelead”, a vastly improved software solution that combines the best of our previous system, the latest in data capture capability, and features commonly found in the major Marketing Automation systems.

      “Intelelead moves us into an entirely new realm of capability and deliverables we can now offer our clients. The ability to score each call, automatically move prospects into customized nurturing campaigns based on the call score, a real time interface to the client’s CRM, and the ability to change or alter messaging in moments are major benefits we can now offer our clients. We believe strongly that these capabilities will further set us apart and help set our clients apart from their competition.” -­‐Murray Goodman, CEO Intelemark

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