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Our core management team has more than 90+ years combined experience providing sales support calling campaigns, lead generation and business development services, and outreach campaigns for B2B companies.
A customer survey of our clients revealed that 98% are satisfied with our services and would refer Intelemark to other B2B companies because of our results, reliability, quality, communication and value.
Our time-based, fixed-cost approach to lead generation can be between 30% and 50% less expensive than our performance-based competitors.

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If your sales team isn't making its numbers, you need to talk to Intelemark. If you have a market-changing new idea and need to get in front of new prospects, you need to talk to Intelemark. If you need extra telephone muscle to manage a trade show, you need to talk to Intelemark.

For nearly 20 years, Intelemark has been helping smart companies put their sales force in front of the people who need their products or services. The right people. The people who know what they need and have the authority to buy what you have to offer. The people who you haven't been able to reach despite your best efforts.

Intelemark offers a proven cost-effective market-building solution for reaching your prospects and turning qualified leads into appointments for your sales team. We set the table so your sales team can turn those appointments into revenue.

Services customized to your requirements

We provide a broad gamut of services aimed at helping you reach your market potential, including:

  • Cold calling and lead generation/qualification
  • Lead generation
  • Trade show management
  • Data vetting and data collection

Outsourcing vs Internal Call Center – Are Your Efforts Better Spent Elsewhere?

Yes, you can build your own call center, but is managing a call center a core competency for your company? And, after talking with us, if you decide to do so, you can license our proprietary software to help manage your inside sales team. But here's what our experience has taught us:

  • Sales people always have a good reason to be doing something other than building their pipeline through cold calling. And, frankly, you'd rather have your sales people closing business.
  • The very nice 20-something with a fine arts or history degree who wants that call center job lacks the experience and business sophistication to have a substantive conversation with your prospects.
  • Those same candidates will be with you for three months until they decide that making all those calls is not why they went to college.
  • Any time you have a manpower issue anywhere else in the company, the call center is one of the easiest groups to raid. And those few hours or days away from the phones tend to turn into weeks.

A Proven Approach to Lead Generation
At the Right Price

Our time-based, fixed cost approach can be between 30 and 50 percent cheaper than our performance-driven competitors.

Put your toe in the water. Many of our largest customers started their relationship with us through a test campaign. A test campaign will not only demonstrate the kind of results you can anticipate but will give you a sense of the expertise we can add to your market-building initiatives.


We can connect you with better B2B lead generation, lead nurturing and sales pipeline development than anyone in this business.

That’s why we are the Business Connection Company.

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