Our Team

The Advisory Bullpen

Intelemark is a company that has focused on one thing: our ability to create result-oriented relationships. Sound simple? It isn’t. It’s all about understanding the long game.

We all come from the industries we now represent. This gives us a unique understanding of our clients from the inside out – which is also the reason we can strategically design a successful demand generation campaign built to drive significant revenue to your bottom line. Each campaign is customized, and built from understanding your brand message and your brand goals.

To accomplish this successfully, we have uniquely created an Advisory Board. In addition to our talented team, the Advisory Board is made up of individuals who are experts in almost every industry in which we work, they provide us with key insights into our client’s world. That way, we are a whole lot smarter when it comes to our B2B sales pipeline development and business lead generation activities than the other guys. From our appointment setting, lead generation, lead qualification and sales opportunity nurturing efforts, you just get more from us.

Our team’s knowledge and experience combined with the time we take to learn your brand and the insights from our Advisory Board allows us to deliver to you an impeccably crafted strategy from day one. Not only does this make our partnership with you more successful, it also helps your company compete better over the long haul.

We are passionate about success. We are committed to changing the industry and helping you build a better business one call at a time.

We give you accountability and campaign results tracking on a day-by-day basis. We share credible marketplace feedback. We help you understand not only how well your company is competing today, but what you have to do to compete better, if necessary, tomorrow.

With Intelemark, you now have a team on your side with something no one else can really give you. The edge. That’s our “A” game in a nutshell.

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized business lead generation campaign can drive outstanding results for your company.