Intelesend Lead Engagement

Intelesend Lead Engagement: Smarter Prospecting for Increased Conversions

What if you could deliver customized content to all of your leads? The content would illuminate the benefits of your solution, keeping leads engaged and increasing conversions among qualified buyers.

Intelesend lets you do exactly that – all via a customized content storyboard that demonstrates the problems you can solve. Here’s how Intelesend works:

  1. Email highly targeted messages to leads or groups of leads. Each email directs recipients to a customized storyboard containing content that’s tailored to the message you want to deliver.
  2. Leads view and download valuable content related to the specific business problems they need to solve.
  3. Intelemark receives and monitors real-time updates on the activities of your leads, enabling immediate follow-up.

Providing each lead with customized content demonstrates how your solution can address organization-specific challenges, all the while enhancing the perception of your company and extending your brand.

Compared to standard email marketing campaigns, Intelesend can deliver more of the qualified leads you want.

That’s partly due to the intuitive storyboard interface, but it’s also because you’re replacing generic landing pages with customized content and interactive tools. When you take advantage of Intelesend, your organization will benefit from:

  • An interactive prospecting experience that’s rich in valuable marketing data
  • Increased lead engagement opportunities to connect with prospects via multiple touchpoints like email, phone, and Web
  • Prioritized and timely follow-up based on storyboard activity

Where else will you find a lead engagement platform with so many valuable prospecting tools? B2B lead generation is evolving quickly, and Intelesend embodies the latest advancements in prospect engagement technology.

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