Customer Reactivation, Why Not?

There are great reasons why not! There are two sides of customer reactivation we need to look at – Why customer reactivation is a valuable strategy How to begin customer reactivation efforts It is important as a successful company and sales team to go beyond the statement “every customer matters to us”. This is not a unique position to take and frankly, isn’t this everyone’s mantra? No company wants to lose customers, therefore every customer matters. But we need to think well beyond a standard statement and belief. When companies look at customers and prospects, there are three categories they ... Read more

Be Purposeful About Your Time: How To Get The Most Out of It

Randi Rotwein-Pivnick, M.A., LMFT Time Management Do you often miss deadlines or can’t complete the day’s “TO DO” list? Learning how to be more effective with your time can make a huge difference in your level of career success. Lack of good time management skills can ruin your career. However, if you utilize the following TIME MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES, you just may find yourself soaring to the top of the success ladder. Time Management is the ability to organize and plan the time you spend on activities in a day. We all have 1440 minutes in a day; however, how you ... Read more

Keep Prospecting Now – Here is Why

We know your company plans on being viable when this global crisis has concluded, therefore you cannot stop prospecting now. This point cannot be stressed enough. You simply cannot stop prospecting. Whether your business expects to see continued sales right now, or your sales will be halted or delayed as a result of the crisis, prospecting becomes even more important during times like these. Each business is different, and we are seeing many companies across multiple industries, worldwide, facing extreme challenges that threaten their viability and survival. As a result, it is imperative you have a plan to reach out ... Read more

Consistency, Persistency, and Prospecting are Key in Tough Economic Times

It is very easy to be reactive rather than proactive during tough economic times when making decisions about your business. In fact, it is human nature to behave in that manner. We are entering a time of uncertainty where extraordinary measures are being taken, globally, to fight an illness that will have a tremendous impact on people, business, and the worldwide economy, both short-term and long-term. When it comes to business, the first thing to be cut always seems to be the marketing budget. The thinking is that we need to cut expenses and marketing is often viewed as an ... Read more

It is No Surprise – Why Part-Time and Sporadic Lead Generation Will Not Fill the Sales Pipeline

Here in the state of Arizona, we had a surprise snowstorm in February 2019. It was amazing to see but we were completely unprepared for shoveling snow, scraping windshields and seeing snowcapped mountaintops in the Phoenix metro area. While snow in Arizona is a big surprise, an empty sales pipeline due to a lack of a full-time focus in lead generation should not surprise anyone.  Recently we were asked if a calling campaign at 10 hours per week/40 hours per month is a smart strategy. The cost of the campaign is attractive. However, should that be the leading decision point ... Read more

Why It’s Important to Crush It in Q1

The new year is a time for new beginnings. Don’t find yourself in Q2 having wasted a whole quarter and now you find you must dig out from behind. Importantly, the first quarter is the time that can set the pace for the entire year – either positive or negative. A slow start to Q1 can dig an insurmountable hole for any company to overcome. Unfortunately, this occurrence is more common than it should be. CRUSHING IT IN Q1 CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE-MAKER FOR ANY COMPANY AND SALES TEAM.    So often companies start their year slowly – there are ... Read more

Work Burnout

Randi Rotwein-Pivnick, M.A., LMFT Burnout is a cumulative process of continual stress, which can be extremely harmful in large doses. The longer the chronic stress lasts, the more damage it does to your body and the more resources it depletes. Although Burnout can be the result of both professional and personal life, most often it is attributed to the impact of one’s work/career. Psychologist Herbert Freudenberger was one of the first to describe the symptoms of exhaustion professionally and perform a comprehensive study of “Burnout”. According to Freudenberger, some of the characteristics of Burnout are physical symptoms such as exhaustion, ... Read more

Anatomy of a Successful Campaign

What are the elements that make up the foundation for a successful lead generation campaign? A campaign that you can duplicate year to year without having to reinvent the wheel each time. If you want to maximize your campaign investment, it goes without saying that proper planning is essential. Carefully setting up the building blocks for a solid foundation is worth the effort and will capture all the elements needed for a successful campaign. This is the best way to ensure you properly fill your sales pipeline and meet desired sales goals. And smart planning will help you end your ... Read more

Don’t Ignore the 4th Quarter… There ARE Business Opportunities in Q4

Does business really stop in Q4, during the Fall and Holiday season? We offer an emphatic NO in answer to that question. It is widely believed that attention to and focus on work and productivity is elsewhere with the holidays and time off on the immediate horizon. Business does not stop during the last few months of the year. While many professionals may have the holidays on their minds, a great amount of business is conducted during this time. Even if there is a bit of a slowdown in activity during this timeframe, it is also the time when decision-makers ... Read more

Beware of the inner critic

Randi Rotwein-Pivnick, M.A., LMFT From the moment we awake, we have a dialogue running through our brain. This is known as internalized dialogue. Sometimes we are aware of that dialogue, but often times, we are not, as it is automatic and subconscious. This internalized dialogue can be negative or positive. Negative self-talk (internalized negative dialogue) is often labeled as our “Inner Critic”, and this Inner Critic is frequently the root of much of our self- destructive behavior.  The voices of our Inner Critic usually stem from early life experiences that are internalized and interpreted. The way we interpret these experiences ... Read more