High-Value Decision Makers = Growth Opportunities
With the Right Lead Generation Efforts

Reaching high-value decision makers in the financial services industry can be a challenge for many firms. However, with a service like Intelemark’s, we remove the barriers to secure firm appointments for you. When you look at our track record, you’ll find we’ve had tremendous success, because we understand the market, and how to execute, test, and refine our strategies with proven methodologies.

A majority of our clients discover that we achieve a higher amount of quality leads than other vendors and even their own inside sales team. Our results speak for themselves! And our many loyal, returning clients are a testament to the results we achieve on their behalf.

Some of the key contacts your firm needs to target may include reaching decision makers in the following areas in which we have significant experience:

  • Hedge Funds, Limited Partnerships, and Emerging Growth Companies who control the decisions regarding investment strategy
  • 40I(K) and Employee Benefit administrators
  • Health Plan benefit administrators
  • CPA Alliances
  • Banking

When Intelemark works with you, we customize our financial services lead generation and appointment setting services to accommodate your business model.

And, when you plan conferences, seminars, or webinars to inform decision makers on new financial products, solutions, or to keep them ahead of the curve regarding new oncoming financial regulations, we offer event and tradeshow support services to ensure your event is well attended. Intelemark also provides critical post-event follow up services as well.

Creating custom telemarketing campaigns that resonate with decision makers is where our expertise lies. It simply ensures the campaign efforts are optimized for success. 

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized financial lead generation campaign can drive outstanding results for your company.