B2B Sales Lead Generation

Outsource Time Consuming Lead Generation
Activities to an Experienced, Professional Team

If your sales team is having difficulty generating B2B sales leads, or they’re spending too much time researching and hunting for the right, qualified prospects, it may be time to consider outsourcing your lead generation function. The logical next step for your sales leaders and marketing team may be to take over the task of prospecting – and outsourcing this part of the sales process can be the smartest decision your company makes.

B2B Sales lead generation is a service very much like B2B appointment setting but with one major difference: you still set the level of qualifications you want to see in a qualified lead, and we still articulate your company’s unique value proposition to potential customers, but instead of setting a timed appointment, the prospect agrees to take a call over a broad window of time.


Providing Value to Your Prospect
Is Vital for Successful Lead Generation

The ability to engage with qualified leads and prospects is reliant upon providing value and relevant information to them. Addressing the challenges, issues, and in particular, pain points your prospects encounter in their businesses on a daily basis with valuable information will entice them to engage with you.

Why Quality vs. Quantity is Important

When Intelemark makes calls and sets the expectation that someone from your company will be calling them, we ensure they are not only willing, but anxious to talk to one of your representatives. Experienced lead generation professionals is key to success, and it is also why our team includes only professionals who are experienced and well-versed in business across multiple industries. This very important experience is the difference of an outsourced lead generation company being able to deliver the decision-makers in your target audience to your sales team.

We understand there is nothing worse for your sales reps than to call a lead provided to them by an outsourced vendor, and then find themselves spinning their wheels and chasing down prospects who won’t accept their call. What is supposed to be warm leads for your salespeople, results in a frustrating waste of time and money for them and your company. And it will serve as a demotivator to your sales team.

When your salespeople follow-up on our B2B sales leads, they will be delighted by the experience. The B2B sales leads delivered by Intelemark are qualified based on the requirements you have provided, and these potential customers are interested in receiving the call.


Why Lead Generation Strategies are Important

Lead generation will only be successful when B2B companies  1.) are properly prepared to receive the high-quality leads that are provided to them and 2.) have executed smart marketing campaigns and strategies to make the task of securing qualified leads easier for B2B lead generation specialists. This is why your company must be strategic in its thinking and planning. The goal of your lead generation function, whether assigned internally or outsourced to an external vendor, is to save your sales reps from spending time on cold emails to prospects or cold calling.

What do we mean when we say your company must be prepared to receive the leads?

This concept seems so basic, but it is not uncommon for companies to receive high-quality leads to fill their sales pipeline without having an efficient, productive process in place to move forward to the next step and get the best ROI on these leads and lead generation efforts. Things you need to be thinking about as your company and sales team moves through the sales process includes:

  • Technology – The technology that is available today great helps sales and marketing teams manage their sales process and pipeline. SaaS software like Salesforce and HubSpot along with marketing automation platforms as well.
  • A Follow-Up Process – A methodical, efficient, productive sales process includes how your sales reps will follow up with the qualified leads they receive so that these leads turn into new business.  A consistent process, followed by all members of the sales team is important. Gathering phone numbers and all other pertinent contact information and recording them properly into a sales system is essential for best results.
  • An Official Plan for the Sales Funnel – Having every member of the marketing and sales teams understand their role as it pertains to each level of the sales funnel is vital to success. A plan will serve as a checks and balances to be sure that nothing slips through the cracks, unactioned, causing sales opportunities to be missed.
  • A Plan for Turning MQLs to SQLs – Along with all the strategy and planning listed above, it is vital to act quickly on marketing qualified leads and turn them to sales qualified leads. As we said in the previous points, a consistent process that is followed by every member of the team is critical for success.

What do we mean when we say your company must have executed smart marketing campaigns and strategies? 

The brand awareness your marketing team can create and the ability for prospects to find your company on search engines when they are researching solutions to their pain points are key elements of an effective lead generation strategy. Some of the best marketing initiatives include:

  • Content Marketing – Your marketing team provides the content that you need to present to your prospects and it’s precisely the content prospects are looking for, as they research companies (including your competitors) to help them solves their daily issues.
  • Social Media – Brand awareness comes with digital marketing initiatives. Be where your prospects and customers are. In the B2B business world, social media and in particular, LinkedIn is often where they turn as they do their due diligent research on your company.
  • Webinars  One of the jobs of marketing is to establish expertise and thought leadership. Webinars are a very effective way to do this and simultaneously gain email addresses and other important contact information. This is especially effective if the ideal customer in your target audience is not already familiar with your company.
  • Email Marketing – As you organically build your database (webinars being one of those ways to do it), staying top of mind or being a recognizable brand when your sale reps come calling will help to make their jobs a little bit easier. Email marketing is still listed as one of the most effective methods for lead generation for B2B companies.
  •  Case Study – Establishing expertise and illustrating how your company has helped other companies with the same challenges as your prospects is an extremely effective initiative. A case study helps your salespeople highlight the benefits of engaging with your company and allows prospects to visualize how this engagement can benefit them.
  • White Papers – Pertinent content is what your prospects are searching for, during their due diligence process. White papers provide all the important information which corroborates that your solution is the best solution for them, and this vital piece of content can influence the decision-making process.
  • Landing Pages – Whenever your company has an important marketing campaign or a digital ad, a landing page should be created with an effective call to action. This information makes it easy for the prospect to find the information they are searching for, and it gives you key data to understand the needs of your prospects. This is all important information that will help your salespeople close the sale.
  • Press Releases – Brand awareness and staying top of mind is crucial for sales success. Press releases help to get important news and announcements out to the world and helps your company to be found by prospects who are search for your products and services.
  • Tradeshows – Engagement that is face-to-face is a great method to build your database and create warm leads for future follow-up. Most B2B companies rely on tradeshows as an important part of their sales process.
  • Podcasts – Gathering information is not always via written content. An excellent way to create memorable content that will resonate with your target audience is through a very popular technology, podcasts.
  • Backlinks strategy – Being found online is one of the biggest goals of any company, your competitors included. Backlinks are an important SEO ranking factor from Google, and this is why it is important that people are coming to your website from other websites. It is one element of brand awareness and tying it all together shows how important all these efforts are.

If there is any doubt that lead generation is important but that it is also time consuming, it should be clear now. The job of your salespeople is to close sales. Give them every opportunity to do just that – and let them focus on that one task – closing the sale. Let others execute the lead generation function of your sales process.

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