Inbound Call Center Services

Intelemark now offer key call center services including – customer service, incident management, incident logging, call routing, and inbound answering services. Outsourcing these services and others provide a great benefit to your company and help you keep your operations running smoothly while being budget-friendly.

Virtual Switchboard

Our agents answer incoming calls with personalized greeting. These greetings are strategically planned and based on the client’s criteria. The agents are trained to route incoming calls to the appropriate destination, take messages, or follow a predefined operational flow.

Whether you require this service only after hours or prefer to outsource your entire call center function to us, Intelemark has the resources for your business needs. As part of the customized plan that is created for each client, we create personalized welcome messages, prepare the agents to answer questions based on certain predetermined criteria set by the client, and formulate detailed actionable scenarios that are predefined to best service your needs. We are able to cater to your specific needs.

Primary services include:

  • Live telephone answering
  • Customer support
  • Service-Product launches
  • Service interruptions
  • Service/Product changes
  • Training services

Inbound Contact Center

Intelemark can create a unique state-of-the-art inbound Contact Center for each client. Our team has the experience in managing Contact Centers, for both short-term or ongoing, longer-term projects. Our agents go through in-depth training before any project begins, to ensure they understand the company and industry they will be representing. Detailed reporting allows us to focus on continuous quality improvement on your behalf and further provides you with confidence in our accountability.

Some industries we currently service include:





Customer Service Solutions

Intelemark now offers additional key call center services which include – alternate time zone resourcing, including graveyard shift, using expert technical and call center experience. Agents are all educated native English speakers.

Live Chat

Live chat allows your company to provide customers with a quick, effective method to connect with support agents to help them resolve their issues, while building long lasting relationships with those customers.

Benefits of Live Chat Services:

  • You are provided all live chat transcripts along with an effective and user-friendly interface to filter chats and search through transcripts.
  • With the valuable information provided, you gain insights which help your company make smart decisions that facilitate increased customer satisfaction.
  • The chat widget is completely customizable, with a range of colors and options, and becomes a seamless part of your website.
  • Transfer chats to other agents in a single click so that support agents work as a team to satisfy customers.

Alternate Time Zone Monitoring

After hours is often when vital functions are taking place in your infrastructure environment. If you are unable to staff 24 hour work shifts, it may make sense to explore outsourcing this function in your company.

Benefits of Alternate Time Zone Monitoring:

  • Staff redundancy across 3 continents.
  • We have in-house technical resources with years of experience in offering Tier 1 to Tier 3 after hours’ support.
  • If required, predefined support actions can be taken, including troubleshooting, rerunning of tasks, or alerting key staff.
  • Proprietary customer management software including ticketing, dialer, outcome reporting and QA.
  • Lower cost compared to current offerings due to single provider for an entire solution.

Voice Solutions –

A Variety of Services to Fit Your Individual Needs

Hosted Voice Solutions

For companies needing complete end-to-end voice solutions.

Hosted Voice Solutions features include:

  • Telephony management and reporting system
  • Fully integrated predictive dialer solution
  • Voice gateways that are connected to multiple providers in different physical locations
  • Various hardware rental packages

Automated Dialer

Automated dialing allows you to interact with all the popular communication technologies from within one UI element (Voice, SMS, Email).

Automated Dialer features include:

  • Preview, click to dial and predictive functions provides data at your fingertips
  • View historical call detail with tagged recording
  • Call routing based on various skills assigned dynamically to your agents
  • Dynamic state change and call labelling
  • Grandiose to initiate and manage calling campaigns
  • Agent activity reporting based on call function, queries, and campaigns
  • Live Supervisor and Wallboard Displays in call and agent’s activity
  • Ability to create your own post call assessments


RoboCall is a pre-recorded voice message that can be bulk broadcasted to an individual, or a multitude of cell phones or landlines, dependent on the needs of your campaign or campaigns.

RoboCall benefits include:

  • Voice message that can be bulk broadcasted to an individual, or a multitude of your clients
  • A personal touch by using personalized human voices for the pre-recorded messages to ensure the recipients of the call to instantly feel more comfortable
  • An ideal reach out to older contacts because calls are often preferred for the first contact
  • Convenience in comparison to other communication methods because calls allow your contacts to connect to you with the single touch of a button, allowing real-time transfers to be done
  • A detailed results for each voice broadcast

SIP Trunk

Utilizing our high-capacity platform, the SIP traffic is delivered ensuring exceptional audio quality, maintaining ultra-high availability and unmatched reliability.

SIP Trunk features include:  

  • A fully adaptable network with virtually unlimited call capacity
  • Progressive trunk configurations to support specific communication requirements of clients
  • A more cost- effective solution when replacing your PSTN System with VoIP SIP Trunks
  • Full access to our comprehensive monitoring tools, and CDRs are generated on a per SIP trunk basis
  • Highly qualified, customer-oriented network operations

Contact Intelemark today to understand how Inbound Call Center Services and Customer Service Solutions by Intelemark can drive outstanding results for your company.