If your company is considering telemarketing campaigns by phone, Intelemark can help to make sure you maximize your opportunities for success.

Intelemark’s years of experience can be your secret weapon and the difference-maker for your telemarketing efforts. Trust a reliable resource to guide you to success. Intelemark has been in the telemarketing/lead generation business for 20+ years. We understand what it takes to build a successful telemarketing effort. Telemarketing campaigns are not as simple as turning on a light switch. Expertise is important for success.

A company must take many factors into account when setting up a telemarketing effort. It is vital to have all the necessary elements of an outreach campaign in place to drive revenue and maximize ROI:

  • Technology – One of the most critical elements of a calling campaign is managing the data and recording pertinent information while being able to communicate this information to the proper sales channels. Intelemark has developed a custom proprietary software application designed to manage telemarketing campaigns, including vital details of each campaign.
  • Messaging – Intelemark can help you craft the right message that will resonate with the prospect. A consistent message must be used by all participating staff members. It is imperative to make a positive impression immediately or the moment is forever lost.
  • Qualification – You must understand who your high-quality targets would be and have a management tool to oversee the effort. Setting parameters for who is and who is not qualified will increase the success of the campaign.
  • Updated Database – Your lead generation efforts are only as good as your list. Intelemark can help guide you to the best practices for the standards of valid, updated, qualified lists. An outdated, irrelevant list will result in a tremendous amount of time wasted.
  • Sales Intelligence – Preparing each campaign with appropriate background and competitive information prior to the start, prepares your staff to manage all questions and objections to the best of their capabilities. With Intelemark’s help, you will learn what data is important to help ensure a successful campaign.
  • Training – Proper training and onboarding must be done prior to all campaigns. Learn about best practices for training from the experience of Intelemark’s experts. Prepare your team properly to manage the multitude of scenarios that may arise during a telemarketing campaign.

Contact Intelemark today to learn how to build a telemarketing and lead generation effort so that your company can enjoy maximum results. Our experts are ready to help.