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How to Generate B2B Sales Leads

Why Your Company Needs a B2B Lead Generation Strategy Leads are the lifeblood of your sales team. When your business development pipeline is dry, you stand to lose more than revenue—you may also lose your top salespeople. It stands to reason then, that you would look to generate leads quickly. Buying a list of targets is one option, but the more complex your solution the more important it is that you focus on quality (not quantity) when it comes to generating prospects for your sales team. A handful of prospects who are qualified and actively searching for a solution like yours are more valuable than ... Read more

B2B Call Centers Have the Services to Help Your Company Drive Sales

Quality B2B leads are essential to business development. Finding these leads is a highly time-consuming task, performed on a daily basis. But it is a key task to driving revenue opportunities for your salespeople and company and it simply must be done every day. Communicating your value proposition clearly and addressing your prospects’ daily business challenges is essential to resonating with them in a meaningful way. The right message is important, and equally important is the professional agent on the phone speaking to the prospect. If your sales team is finding that generating leads is difficult or they are spending far too ... Read more

How to Restart Your Sales Pipeline After COVID-19

We have all been talking a great deal about the many challenges businesses around the world have faced since the advent of COVID-19. What we have seen and how we have had to pivot our business practices, processes, and operations has been unprecedented. Monthly, quarterly, and annual plans have been scrapped, replaced by emergency, stop-gap, and more immediate tactics. These tactical plans have been created very quickly with the intentions of retaining current business and gaining immediate sales. We are now 4 months into our lives of living with a pandemic. Business must go on! It is vital for our ... Read more

It is No Surprise – Why Part-Time and Sporadic Lead Generation Will Not Fill the Sales Pipeline

Here in the state of Arizona, we had a surprise snowstorm in February 2019. It was amazing to see but we were completely unprepared for shoveling snow, scraping windshields and seeing snowcapped mountaintops in the Phoenix metro area. While snow in Arizona is a big surprise, an empty sales pipeline due to a lack of a full-time focus in lead generation should not surprise anyone.  Recently we were asked if a calling campaign at 10 hours per week/40 hours per month is a smart strategy. The cost of the campaign is attractive. However, should that be the leading decision point ... Read more

What to Expect From a B2B Appointment Setting Test Campaign

Before making a long-term commitment with an appointment setting firm, you should consider a test campaign. Reliable companies that are confident in their methods should be more than happy to accommodate a test campaign that: Gives you a realistic idea of the company’s performance should you choose to pursue a larger engagement Allows you to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated appointment setting partner without a long-term contract Reveals whether the relationship is a good fit for both parties So, what kind of test campaign experience should you expect from a potential appointment setting partner? Every provider will be different, ... Read more

5 Simple Tips to Jumpstart B2B Appointment Setting Success

Successfully setting appointments with valuable leads is essential for building your sales pipeline. But how do you maintain a consistent flow of appointments? Prospects can be elusive, their priorities can change. They get new jobs or move to new companies. Budgets expand and contract. Getting that appointment requires some serious agility. Here are five different ways to get better results from your B2B appointment setting efforts. Embrace all five, and you’ll be blown away by the number of appointments on your calendar. 1. Aim high Cold calling might sound intimidating, but it’s extremely effective – especially when it connects you ... Read more