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How to Generate B2B Sales Leads

Why Your Company Needs a B2B Lead Generation Strategy Leads are the lifeblood of your sales team. When your business development pipeline is dry, you stand to lose more than revenue—you may also lose your top salespeople. It stands to reason then, that you would look to generate leads quickly. Buying a list of targets is one option, but the more complex your solution the more important it is that you focus on quality (not quantity) when it comes to generating prospects for your sales team. A handful of prospects who are qualified and actively searching for a solution like yours are more valuable than ... Read more

3 Business to Business Lead Generation Trends to Watch in 2016

As B2B marketers ponder what 2016 has in store, lead generation remains as critical as ever. According to the latest Lead Generation Report from LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community, improving the quality of leads was the biggest priority among all marketers surveyed (68%). That might not come as a surprise – improving lead quality is almost always a major concern. However, what might surprise you are three additional lead generation trends, all of which portend some significant shifts in the focus among B2B marketers in the coming year: Larger marketing budgets and increased hiring of talented professionals Greater emphasis on ... Read more

3 B2B Lead Generation Tips for Smart Marketers

Nothing inspires a sales team more than a consistent stream of sales leads, and marketing teams will go to great lengths to keep high quality opportunities in the hopper. But in some cases, going back to the fundamentals of B2B lead generation can be quite rewarding. Here are 3 tactics you may want to revisit to improve your lead generation strategy: 1. Don’t dismiss proven tactics While experimenting with new B2B lead generation tactics can be valuable at times, that doesn’t mean you should abandon traditional tactics – especially when they’ve proven to be successful time and again. Smart marketers ... Read more