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Anatomy of a Successful Campaign

What are the elements that make up the foundation for a successful lead generation campaign? A campaign that you can duplicate year to year without having to reinvent the wheel each time. If you want to maximize your campaign investment, it goes without saying that proper planning is essential. Carefully setting up the building blocks for a solid foundation is worth the effort and will capture all the elements needed for a successful campaign. This is the best way to ensure you properly fill your sales pipeline and meet desired sales goals. And smart planning will help you end your ... Read more

This Lead Generation Strategy Enables B2B Sales Success

If you’re currently rethinking your B2B lead generation strategy, pay close attention to the activities of your inside sales team. The message they deliver could mean the difference between connecting with a high quality lead or failing to do so. That’s according to a recent survey of over 600 B2B marketers in which 77% of respondents reported the following as having the largest impact on follow-up success: Highly knowledgeable sales representatives Sales representatives who are able to answer questions promptly 76% of those surveyed also said that salespeople who were “well suited” to speak with someone at a target organization ... Read more

How To Get More B2B Sales Leads With These Tips

Lead generation is always a major focus for B2B organizations. With so many channels to utilize and tactics to employ, today’s marketers certainly have their hands full. According to the latest B2B Lead Generation Trends Report from LinkedIn’s Technology Marketing community, 68% of B2B professionals report increasing the quality of leads as a top priority. In the same report, 55% also say increasing lead volume is a primary concern. These numbers don’t lie: B2B organizations want to generate more leads – and they want those leads to be high quality (i.e. qualified to your specifications) as well. Let’s take a ... Read more

3 Business to Business Lead Generation Trends to Watch in 2016

As B2B marketers ponder what 2016 has in store, lead generation remains as critical as ever. According to the latest Lead Generation Report from LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community, improving the quality of leads was the biggest priority among all marketers surveyed (68%). That might not come as a surprise – improving lead quality is almost always a major concern. However, what might surprise you are three additional lead generation trends, all of which portend some significant shifts in the focus among B2B marketers in the coming year: Larger marketing budgets and increased hiring of talented professionals Greater emphasis on ... Read more

3 Highly Effective Lead Generation Techniques You Probably Aren’t Using

Generating leads is tough. You’ve got to employ a variety of tactics, measure their effectiveness, and focus on what works best. You’ve also got to explore new tactics from time to time. If you’re willing to experiment, you could discover an approach that works extremely well in your target market. Here are three highly effective lead generation techniques that your organization might not be using yet. 1. VAR partnerships Value added resellers (VARS) are third parties that can expose your solution to new markets. A classic example is a hardware retailer. The retailer brings value to a manufacturer’s products by ... Read more

This Lead Generation Mishap Could Be Costing You

Want to know a little secret about lead generation? Here goes: Your organization might be totally oblivious to dozens, or perhaps hundreds of qualified leads even though they may already have a record in your CRM. If you fear (or know) that your sales people are not updating your CRM, there’s a likelihood that you’re missing many opportunities. Ask yourself how your team collaborates with regards CRM data: Do all of your team members use the CRM? Does everyone log entries each time they contact (or attempt to contact) a lead? When the status of a lead changes, does everyone ... Read more

How to Increase Sales with Smarter Lead Generation

When it comes to increasing B2B sales, modifying your lead generation approach can have a lasting impact on your performance. The challenge is identifying what part of your process needs to change. Here’s how to increase sales by refining and perhaps even transforming how your organization communicates with your prospects. 1. Know your buyers – and know them well! Do you really know your buyers? We aren’t just asking whether you’ve created high-level synopses of problems experienced by organizations in your target market. Yes, it’s important to nail down those basics, but you need to actually have a conversation with ... Read more

3 Things You Must Consider When Evaluating Lead Generation Companies

Of all the lead generation companies vying for your business, how do you know which one is the right choice? Here are three things to consider during your evaluation: 1. Specialty Is the lead generation company a jack-of-all-trades, or does it focus on a specific skill? You’re usually better off choosing the latter. Why? Because a company who specializes in a single approach, such as calling campaigns, will probably be much more adept at implementing a successful, revenue-generating strategy than a company for whom telemarketing is not a primary focus, but just a part of a larger suite of services.Specialization ... Read more