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How to Restart Your Sales Pipeline After COVID-19

We have all been talking a great deal about the many challenges businesses around the world have faced since the advent of COVID-19. What we have seen and how we have had to pivot our business practices, processes, and operations has been unprecedented. Monthly, quarterly, and annual plans have been scrapped, replaced by emergency, stop-gap, and more immediate tactics. These tactical plans have been created very quickly with the intentions of retaining current business and gaining immediate sales. We are now 4 months into our lives of living with a pandemic. Business must go on! It is vital for our ... Read more

Are Calling Campaigns a Critical Component of Lead Nurturing?

It’s tempting to think of B2B lead nurturing as a protracted exercise in which potential customers tumble leisurely down a deep, long sales funnel. But lead nurturing doesn’t have to be a slow process. Calling campaigns, used strategically,can speed things along by qualifying prospects and determining whether they are “in” or “out” quickly. Here’s how: Discover problems that your organization can solve Instead of waiting for leads to make a move that indicate genuine interest, a calling campaign allows you to make the move. By placing a phone call, you’re in a position to find out more information about a ... Read more