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Prospecting Now is Important – 5 Other Actions to Prioritize

Prospecting is always important to a sales team, not matter when it is – whether we are in good economic times or in times of crisis. Last year was spent, in its entirety, in a pandemic crisis. It was a year like no other year we have ever seen before. Personal and professional lives for everyone across the globe were changed drastically and the changes happened instantly, with no time to prepare for the unprecedented times we faced. The natural inclination for humans is to be cautious, pull back budgets, and put plans on hold. That may mean vacations, the ... Read more

Why It’s Important to Crush It in Q1

The new year is a time for new beginnings. Don’t find yourself in Q2 having wasted a whole quarter and now you find you must dig out from behind. Importantly, the first quarter is the time that can set the pace for the entire year – either positive or negative. A slow start to Q1 can dig an insurmountable hole for any company to overcome. Unfortunately, this occurrence is more common than it should be. CRUSHING IT IN Q1 CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE-MAKER FOR ANY COMPANY AND SALES TEAM.    So often companies start their year slowly – there are ... Read more

These 4 Questions Will Help You Qualify Leads

What’s more valuable to your company – a list of five qualified leads or a list of five hundred suspects? As experienced B2B sales teams know, it all depends on their level of qualification. Wasting time with leads that cannot or will not buy is certain death. A qualified lead is one that represents a likely opportunity for your company. Failure to effectively qualify leads could lead to any number of unfortunate scenarios. To avoid these scenarios, there are four specific questions you must pose to every lead with whom you connect. Add these questions to your existing lead qualification ... Read more