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Customer Reactivation: What, Why, How?

Win Back Dormant Customers With a Customer Reactivation Campaign If you’re in sales or marketing, your primary concern is bringing in new customers. That’s to be expected—after all, new business is the engine that sustains businesses growth. But if you aren’t trying to re-engage inactive customers, you may be missing out on a huge source of untapped revenue: A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits up to 95%. That’s where a customer reactivation campaign can help, and it’s why customer reactivation is one of the highest ROI opportunities in your sales and marketing strategy.  What is Customer Reactivation? The aim of customer reactivation is to “wake up” or “win back” dormant and ... Read more

How to Generate B2B Sales Leads

Why Your Company Needs a B2B Lead Generation Strategy Leads are the lifeblood of your sales team. When your business development pipeline is dry, you stand to lose more than revenue—you may also lose your top salespeople. It stands to reason then, that you would look to generate leads quickly. Buying a list of targets is one option, but the more complex your solution the more important it is that you focus on quality (not quantity) when it comes to generating prospects for your sales team. A handful of prospects who are qualified and actively searching for a solution like yours are more valuable than ... Read more

4 Reasons Telemarketing Unlocks Business to Business Sales Potential

Increasing business to business sales requires substantial effort. That’s why companies engage in a variety of lead generation tactics – so they can reach as many potential customers as possible, close more deals and consistently generate revenue. But according to a recent survey by LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community, only 16% of respondents rated their overall lead generating efforts as “very” or “extremely” effective. In contrast, 52% of respondents rated telemarketing as “very” or “somewhat” effective! Why is telemarketing so beneficial to these companies? Let’s explore four ways telemarketing can help you increase B2B sales. 1. Establish rapport with potential customers Could ... Read more

Attract More Sales Leads with Telemarketing

The word “telemarketing” might not make everyone beam from ear to ear with admiration, but marketing and sales professionals love it. Why? Because a sophisticated telemarketing effort attracts sales leads like no other lead generation tactic can. Here are some reasons why: Uncover New Opportunities Speaking with a real person can provide an immediate answer to these three all-important questions: Does the organization have a problem that our solution(s) can solve? Is this organization able to make a buying decision in the near future? Would they be willing to speak to us about our solutions? Other tactics in particular – ... Read more