Why choose Intelemark for your B2B Calling Campaigns?

At Intelemark, we are deeply passionate about two things:

1. Changing our industry for the better, one call at a time
2. Generating meaningful connections that drive results for your business

Intelemark 98% Customer Satisfaction

After more than 50 years combined in providing successful sales support calling campaigns, our team just gets it. We understand the impact our company has on your success, and we take the task to heart.

Our clients share our passion. A recent customer survey revealed that 98% of our clients are satisfied and would refer us.

Customized calling campaigns that deliver results

That’s why we create a customized calling campaign for you and every one of our clients that speaks specifically to your company’s goals and objectives. Our expert team builds and manages your calling campaign from beginning to end, and our agents are experienced appointment setters and lead generation experts who share our passion for connecting clients to the best possible leads.

We know that not everyone we talk to will result in an appointment or sales lead. But we also believe that every conversation we have about your company can and should have a positive impact on the future of your brand. For that reason, our approach is truly distinct. We promote and protect your brand first, last, and always. It’s no surprise that we are ready and willing to have detailed and dynamic conversations about what you offer and come back to you with a qualified prospect. We track those results to provide each of our clients the metrics necessary to deliver successful outcomes – and our time-based, one price approach to lead qualification means that what you get out of our efforts is a whole lot more than what you put into it.

Our team knows that in order to put you in contact with the very best connections, management and agents alike must bring a depth of knowledge and experience to your calling campaign second only to that of your own internal sales team. In other words, we’re as close to family as you can get. And after this long in the business, we have a lot of cousins. That’s what being “The Business Connection Company” is all about.

Intelemark is not the right partner for every company

We work hard to understand the needs of prospective clients so that those who are not a fit for Intelemark are quickly informed and directed to other B2B lead generation companies or resources.

What makes Intelemark a good, even great fit for some companies?

For every new appointment setting or lead generation client that Intelemark takes on, a “test campaign” is developed as a proof of concept exercise. Each campaign is highly customized. There are no two B2B appointment setting or B2B lead generation campaigns that are the same. The “test campaign” extends for a certain period of time based upon the objective (B2B lead generation or B2B appointment setting services being the two most popular) and the level of difficulty of such campaign.

Some of the prospective clients that we do not accept are companies who are looking for B2B lead generation services trying to promote a commodity or a product/solution perceived as a commodity. Their target prospects are often not engaged in considering alternatives and subsequently it becomes extremely difficult to generate quality conversations and therefore, B2B sales leads.

However, as an example, for companies in the technology and healthcare sectors, Intelemark is an outstanding option.

Intelemark is the right partner for complex appointment setting and outsourced lead generation campaigns

Over the past 13+ years in the complex appointment setting and outsourced lead generation discipline, Intelemark has driven significant incremental revenue for hundreds of clients in those fields and others. We understand technology and we understand healthcare. Our leaders have worked in both. We continue our history of successful B2B demand generation for clients in technology and healthcare and in many other verticals as well.

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized calling campaign can drive outstanding results for your company.

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