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Why Intelemark

Why choose Intelemark for your B2B Calling Campaigns?

Better Business Connections from the Business Connection Company

At Intelemark, we are deeply passionate about two things:

1. Changing our industry for the better, one call at a time
2. Generating meaningful connections that drive results for your business

After more than 90 years combined in providing successful sales support calling campaigns, our team just gets it. We understand the impact our company has on your success, and we take the task to heart.

Our clients share our passion. A recent customer survey revealed that 98% of our clients are satisfied and would refer us.

What Makes Intelemark the Best B2B Demand Generation Company?

We know that not everyone we talk to will result in an appointment or sales lead, but we also believe that every conversation we have about your company can and should have a positive impact on your image in the market place and on your bottom line. For that reason, our approach is truly distinct.

Some of the key ways our B2B demand generation and appointment setting campaigns add significant value to your business include:

Better Leads: Just a Call or Click Away

After nearly 20 years in the complex appointment setting and outsourced lead generation industry, Intelemark has driven significant revenue for hundreds of clients in technology, healthcare, finance, and many other fields. Intelemark is the right partner for complex appointment setting and outsourced lead generation campaigns.

What makes Intelemark the business connection company? Schedule a test campaign and find out for yourself.

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized calling campaign can drive outstanding results for your company.

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