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2018 Healthcare Conferences You Should Attend

November 16th, 2017Intelemark

Top Healthcare Conferences in 2018 Exhibit Opportunities That Can Help You Generate Quality Leads in the Healthcare field Does your success depend on your ability to reach key decision-makers in healthcare? Do you have a product or service that improves the delivery of care or helps improve the process, quality, and efficiency of healthcare systems? […]

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Healthcare executives

Selling to Hospitals: Decision-Makers in Healthcare

November 15th, 2017Intelemark

 Target Your Hospital Sales Pitch to the Right People Who Makes the Purchasing Decisions in a Hospital? If you work in healthcare related sales, it’s important that you know who’s who in hospitals. Setting appointments and generating leads is about selecting the right targets. Knowing  who can help direct your outreach and communication efforts to […]

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telemarketing agency

What to Avoid When Choosing a Telemarketing Agency

January 24th, 2017Intelemark

There’s plenty of advice to be found on how to select the right telemarketing agency for your next marketing campaign. This article takes a different approach and covers what you should avoid when selecting an agency with whom to partner. Are their “free” offers really free? Avoid agencies that hold a “free” resource ransom in […]

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b2b calling campaigns

2 Top Best Practices for B2B Calling Campaigns

January 20th, 2017Intelemark

Before you schedule your next B2B calling campaign, consider how the following best practices can enhance that campaign and generate better results. Use a targeted approach. Using a targeted approach involves researching your target companies to find the right contact at the right level. You can save time and money by identifying key decision-makers early […]

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sales prospecting strategy

How to Improve Your Sales Prospecting Strategy

January 17th, 2017Intelemark

What constitutes an effective sales prospecting strategy? Some sales folks say it has to do with targeting and having the right offer, while others say it depends on the value and number of touches. Hubspot recently reported that “Before a salesperson has a chance to contact a prospect, he or she is already 57% of […]

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