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How to follow up with a trade show lead

How to Follow-Up with B2B Leads from a Trade Show

April 16th, 2018Intelemark

Go After B2B Trade Show Leads While They’re Still Hot So, you read our post about how to generate B2B trade show leads and now you have a ton of contacts from the big event you just attended. Now what? If you want to convert those contacts into revenue, you need to follow-up ASAP. And […]

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How to Clean Up a B2B Database and Prospect List

March 22nd, 2018Intelemark

Healthier Data, Healthier Leads, Healthier Sales Are you concerned about the “health” of your prospect list? You should be. According to a report by Integrate, poor data quality (e.g., duplicate data, invalid values and missing fields) on average 40 percent of the leads generated for SMB and enterprise businesses alike. Unfortunately, incomplete or inaccurate databases […]

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Selling to Hospitals 101: The Hospital Sales Cycle

March 20th, 2018Intelemark

How Long Does It Take to Sell to Hospitals? If you’re new to hospital sales—or healthcare sales in general—prepare for a long sales cycle. Selling to large healthcare organizations can take many months and requires talking to many different stakeholders along the way, including clinicians, purchasing agents, and executives. Of course, the faster you get […]

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B2B trade show leads

How to Get Leads at a B2B Trade Show

March 16th, 2018Intelemark

There is a reason 29% of U.S. companies increased their trade show budget in 2017: trade shows provide companies a heaping helping of potential buyers. And thanks to the nature of these events, trade shows are great for building face-to-face relationships with buyers you might not meet otherwise. The key to a “successful” trade show […]

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Marketing to B2B Tech Buyers and Decision Makers

March 6th, 2018Intelemark

How to Reach Technology Decision-Makers Online B2B tech buyers and decision-makers need to be on the leading-edge of their industry so they can stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and find the right solutions for their organizations. Considering the amount of content these buyers must slog through to find the information they need to make a […]

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