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CASE STUDYCall Campaign Generates 60% Incremental Sales


Health Savings Account (HSA)



Calling Campaign:

Multiple Campaigns


  • Appointment Setting
  • Email Support
  • Market Intelligence



The client needed a solution to reach out to insurance brokers and HR teams of large employers but did not have the advantage of an inside sales team.

Health Equity developed a strategy to build an inside sales team. However, before hiring full time employees they wanted to ensure they could prove the model to be worth the internal investment.

The goals of the campaign included:


Intelemark was hired, along with a second vendor to test and determine which of the two companies could more successfully produce a large number of highly qualified leads. For Intelemark, this turned out to be a 2 year campaign.

As is the standard practice at Intelemark, we assigned a Project Manager and mature, experienced agents to the campaign.

Experience, in this head to head competition, proved to be a major differentiating factor when Health Equity compared the results of the two companies.

Intelemark implemented its proven onboarding system for the client project, which included:



After implementing an appointment setting campaign with two vendors, the Intelemark results were successful far beyond the goals and expectations that had been set. The client was able to prove the inside sales model to be a successful strategy so that Health Equity elected to build their own internal sales team.

Successfully Proved the ROI of an Inside Sales Model
The campaign proved calling campaigns worked successfully in their marketplace and was worthy of an investment to build an internal inside sales team.
Achieved 60% Incremental Business
800 appointments in one year were set for Health Equity sales reps. Those appointments were
converted into closed sales, generating 60% in incremental business.
Created an Internal Inside Sales Team

Hired 4 sales reps and 4 inbound sales reps.

Forecasting to grow to a much larger inside sales team within the next 18 months.



Intelemark consistently produced a much higher volume of quality leads and a higher quality of leads overall. The second company employed lesser experienced callers who, while very thoughtful in their communications, did not produce a high volume of leads.
The experience of Intelemark callers was a notable difference in the success of the campaign and in the metrics that were measured. It was the client’s belief that bolder personalities when speaking to the prospects, produced the much higher number of qualified leads from Intelemark.

“The calling campaign was successful beyond all expectations. It was so successful that we modeled our new process after Intelemark’s program. We moved this process in house because we need to tie the actual results to the brokers our sales reps reach and the sales they close as a result. If we did not bring this process in house, we would have certainly continued our engagement with Intelemark. The entire experience and all the teams at Intelemark were outstanding including the data team, project management, and of course, the callers.”

-Mike P., VP Inside Sales



Intelemark specializes in complex calling campaigns. Thorough preparation, positivity, experience, consistency and tenacity are some of the ways Intelemark agents continue to deliver outstanding value for clients of all sizes.


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