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Acquiring New Customers is Far More Expensive
Than Retaining Current Customers (5-7X More)

With Intelemark’s assistance, implementing a Customer Reactivation Campaign can help you reach dormant, inactive, or lost customers.

There are many reasons why a customer has disengaged from your company’s products or services. A Customer Reactivation Campaign is designed to keep your company top-of-mind and entice them to become active customers again.

If your customer list has 20% or above of contacts classified as “inactive” or dormant customers, these should be considered warm leads that must not be ignored or forgotten. At some point in the past, these customers purchased from you or engaged with your company in some way. You have already spent the time, effort, and money prospecting to acquire them as a customer. You can expend far less effort, in both time and cost, to regain them as an active customer.

Customer reactivation services should be a consideration as you are planning your year and forecasting expected sales. Customer acquisition is a key component in any success planning that a company does each year. However, a reactivation strategy should always be part of your business planning. Customer reactivation can be considered “low hanging fruit” that can improve your bottom line reliably every year and with far less effort and cost.

Key goals that a reactivation marketing campaign include:

Studies show it is far more cost-effective to reinstate prior customers than it is to find and acquire new customers. In fact, the efforts to acquire a new customer is 5-7X more expensive than it is to retain your current customers. Intelemark can help you reach out to your inactive customer list through a telemarketing campaign designed to discover ways to re-engage with them and make them customers once again.


Proven Results, Cost-Effective Campaigns –
Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Intelmark’s expertise in engaging qualified prospects translates especially well when executing Customer Reactivation Campaigns.  

Customer Reactivation Campaigns provide a multitude of benefits:

Develop marketing messages that resonate with your inactive or lost customers.


Proactive, Personalized Strategies –
A Key to Successful Campaigns and ROI

Simply put, telemarketing is a smart strategy for Customer Reactivation Campaigns.

  1. Telemarketing offers a personalized, proactive approach with customized messages targeted to key individuals within the dormant account. Two-way communication is a primary strategy for nurturing relationships needed for reactivating inactive customers.
  2. A Customer Reactivation telemarketing campaign proactively re-engages with former customers utilizing highly skilled agents who know how to communicate the right message with relevant information to the customer effectively.
  3. Telemarketing offers a human touch that you can’t get with emails or social media. It’s a fundamental strategy for increasing revenue and discovering why customers have gone inactive, providing business intelligence that can help you manage attrition. While email marketing and direct mail can complement your telemarketing efforts, the personal connection stands out and is memorable to inactive and dormant customers.

And don’t forget, very few B2B Sales occur until one person speaks with another. We can start the conversation.

A Customer Reactivation Campaign is one of the highest ROI opportunities in your marketing toolkit.

Elevate your earlier prospecting endeavors and make the most of your current marketing budgets by reconnecting with dormant customers through B2B telemarketing. Intelemark is poised to assist you in pinpointing which customers on your inactive roster hold the highest likelihood of re-engagement. We extend our expertise to help you formulate an astute strategy to reclaim them as revenue-generating clients!

Plan a Customer Reactivation Campaign today before those customers move from warm lead to dead lead status. Don’t let the window of opportunity close before that customer becomes entrenched with another vendor. Contact Intelemark to discuss how our expertise can help turn your lapsed customers into returning sales revenue.

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