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Mobile Communications

Mobile Solutions for the Current World We Live In

Bulk Messaging

Communicate throughout your company with a multitude of mobile methods for ease and efficiency,

Bulk Messaging benefits include:

  • Distribution of Bulk SMS & Email to mobile phones and internet connected devices
  • Bulk messaging can be sent via Web Interface or Integrated API
  • Replies can be delivered back to the client in real-time or batch formats
  • Set conditions (e.g., keywords) for replies or inbound messages that trigger auto responder SMS and Email
  • Customized reporting

Mobile Interaction

In the very mobile world we live in today, deliver documents such as statements, legal notices, policies, bills, images, and other confidential documents straight to your customer’s mobile phone.

Mobile Interaction benefits include:  

  • Instant delivery
  • Track delivery and read receipts
  • Save money on printing and postage
  • Give customers easy access to important documents and videos
  • Paperless and eco-friendly
  • Reach customers who do not have Internet access via traditional computer systems

Mobile Document Upload

This mobile tool gives your customers the ability to upload documents in seconds from anywhere – directly to your environment – instantly.

Mobile Document benefits include:

  • Uploaded documents can be delivered back to the client in real-time or batch formats.
  • There is no need for the mobile user to download any complicated apps, it is an effortless process.
  • Track document upload status and receive notifications when it has been sent.
  • Automatically nudge slow uploaders, no more chasing down documents.
  • Customized reporting.

Live Chat

Live chat is also a Mobile Communications service. It allows your company to provide customers with a quick, effective method to connect with support agents to help them resolve their issues, while building long lasting relationships with those customers.

Benefits of Live Chat Services:

  • You are provided all live chat transcripts along with an effective and user-friendly interface to filter chats and search through transcripts.
  • With the valuable information provided, you gain insights which help your company make smart decisions that facilitate increased customer satisfaction.
  • The chat widget is completely customizable, with a range of colors and options, and becomes a seamless part of your website.
  • Transfer chats to other agents in a single click so that support agents work as a team to satisfy customers.

Cell Sign

CellSign allows your customers to sign important documents directly on their mobile phone. With CellSign, you can effortlessly send your customers documents to sign which is branded according to your unique company brand guideline.

 Cell Sign Benefits:

  • A digital signature tool that gives your customers the ability to sign document in seconds from anywhere – directly on their mobile phone
  • CellSign employs SSL-grade encryption to protect the documents, thus keeping everything secure.
  • Documents for signature can be sent to customers via Web Interface or integrated API directly to their mobile phones.
  • Track document status and receive notifications for when it was opened and signed.
  • Customized reporting.
  • Signed documents can be delivered back to the client in real-time or batch formats.
  • All CellSign documents signed are legally-binding and include a detailed audit trail.
  • There is no need for the mobile user to download any complicated apps, it is an effortless process.
  • With CellSign, you will cut down on time wasted by getting your clients to sign documents electronically.
  • Save frequently used documents as reusable templates.
  • Automate your intensive document workflows and easily send a signature request in a few clicks.
  • Automatically nudge slow signers, so no more chasing down signatures.

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