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Intelemark has been in business for 20 years in its current model as a virtual company.

A majority of our work is complex appointment setting, lead generation and lead qualification, however we do everything that companies require to build and sustain their sales pipelines such as event registration, tradeshow support (pre and post event), lead nurturing, market intelligence, data cleansing, etc. Our expertise lies in the thousands of successful campaigns that we have provided our clients over the years and in the experience of our management team.

Healthcare, technology, education, consulting, manufacturing, and financial services are the primary areas in which we work. This is not to say we have not worked in countless other industries.

All Intelemark agents speak English as a first language and are North American-based.  

Yes, We deploy those agents who have specific business experience, within the primary industries we work. Additionally, they come to us with experience in inside and outside sales/appointment setting/lead generation. The age of our agent colony is approximately 42 – 45 years old on average. Our agents know how to build relationships with the prospects they call, and they understand the importance of properly representing and protecting our clients’ brand.

Intelemark has developed a proprietary software application in the cloud that manages both the data and the agents. This ensures maximum efficiency, accurate data collection, detailed reporting and data analysis.

Each new client at Intelemark begins with a customized “test” campaign. The purpose of the “test” is to set a benchmark – we provide as many high-quality appointments as possible, which allows us to determine the metrics of a professional calling effort specific to the client. We deploy a minimum of 2 agents for the “test” campaign. We then measure their results so we can understand what the true “run rate” is for each respective campaign. We provide that information to the client so they can determine the efficacy of this approach.

What information do you want to collect? With our proprietary application, we are able to obtain information during the course of calling, specific to the information you desire to collect; updated contact information, sales intelligence, market intelligence, competitive information, organizational information, utilization data, etc. An outbound campaign has several benefits –  

  • Promoting/Advancing the client brand
  • Finding “low hanging fruit” for quick wins
  • Finding future opportunities to which you would not otherwise have had access
  • Providing an updated and current database of contacts and key information

Intelemark operates as an “outsourced inside sales team” and the campaigns are set up for transparency so that the target is not aware if the caller is a company employee or a contracted vendor.  

Our agents’ first and foremost objective on each call is to protect the client brand and to professionally articulate your value proposition. Intelemark’s extensive onboarding process includes obtaining a deep understanding of the client and the client’s offering that is then communicated to the agents to empower them during their outreach. We prioritize quality over quantity and are laser-focused on qualifying the targets based on the client’s specific criteria and not setting appointments with targets that don’t meet that criteria.

In fact, Intelemark assigns a team to each campaign. That team consists of the professional agents dedicated to the campaign, an account manager, a data manager and daily oversight by the entire management team.

Because of our prioriety application, Intelemark can typically implement a campaign within two weeks from contract execution, provided there is timely response from the client (source documents, data, logistic cooperation, etc.).

Intelemark, in our 20-year history, has become known for our focus on quality, our outstanding client service, and our commitment to success of every campaign we provide. The combined 90+ years’ experience of our management team and the business expertise of that team and our agents sets Intelemark apart from the rest of this crowded field. Our experience matters. Our technology matters. Our knowledge matters. And our agents matter.

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