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Lists of Hundreds or Thousands –
How Do You Manage These Lists?

When you have a list of hundreds or thousands of names, how do you manage the lists properly and know who are the qualified prospects you should be calling? This is where Intelemark can help. And this is what B2B sales lead qualification is all about.

B2B sales lead qualification

Our experienced B2B appointment setters can help your sales team with B2B sales lead qualification by sorting through any number of potential contacts and prospects to provide you with the revised list of qualified leads. These contact and prospects may have come to you in a variety of ways – social media engagement (especially LinkedIn), inbound marketing, webinars, or other marketing campaigns and now these leads must be qualified properly.

When we work with you, we have fully immersed our team in learning your business and industry. We understand your criteria for a qualified sales lead. We understand exactly with whom you need to speak, and we find that person! Qualifying B2B leads for your salespeople is our job.


True Qualified Leads –
We Manage the Lead Qualification Process for You

Part of our process examines the mindset of a truly qualified prospect for your company, for the type of prospect we call. We work closely with your sales reps in the sales process to understand your prospects’ concerns, pain points, fears, and desires as it relates to your product or service offering. Your marketing team is able to develop the right plan and buyer persona based on this information. As a result, when we contact them, we can articulate your value in the best light to your potential customers based on the customer profile that been developed. We help them understand how your product or service can eliminate their pain and move them toward their business goals. And the marketing team is then able to provide your sales team with marketing qualified leads (MQLs) . Needless to say, it is essential that sales and marketing work closely together during the sales cycle.

We narrow down the list of prospects to a list of true qualified prospects. At this point in the process, we are speaking with a level of people who we have determined are highly qualified prospects. These qualified leads have been established to be your ideal customer as a result of our proven process that utilizes stringent qualifying question to produce high-quality leads. We provide relevant information to them – when they like what we say, we’ll help them with the next steps.

Intelemark can assist your salespeople with the lead scoring process and choosing the right CRM and marketing automation platforms with the proper functionality to help your team optimize these leads and turn them into a closed sale. Or we can work within the systems you already have in place.

What are essential demographics in lead scoring:

The ultimate goal for Intelemark is to provide your company with sales-ready connections and help your company consistently fill the sales pipeline. When your sales reps follow-up with these leads, they become sales qualified leads (SQLs) as a result of the high quality prospects provided to them, based on the parameters your company provided to Intelemark. Lead nurturing at this stage becomes easier when your team has a truly qualified lead, and it is an important part of the process for success.

Identifying highly qualified B2B sales leads is one of the ways we became the most effective business connection company in this business. And we are happy to do it for you.

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized sales lead qualification campaign can drive outstanding results for your company.

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