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Celebrating 20 Years Helping Companies Grow Their Business

There are B2B appointment setting companies who tell you they can increase your sales pipeline activity. And then there’s us.

We are changing B2B demand generation for the better, one call at a time.

Intelemark is a passionate B2B appointment setting company who has actually been doing demand generation through telemarketing with outstanding success for a long time. It’s not easy to stay in this business if you don’t have the chops, the reach, and the experience to do it right — to produce quantitative results.

We can say, without hesitation, that we have earned the reputation for being The Business Connection Company because we don’t just offer you formulas. We design highly customized and well-crafted B2B demand generation, lead generation and appointment setting campaigns to connect your business with the people who want exactly what you have to offer. The results are in the quantity and quality of connections you will experience. Your program will be one of the most valuable demand generation investments you can make in the future of your company’s bottom line.

Our authentic connection strategy has set the industry standard for qualified appointment setting, B2B lead generation, lead nurturing, and all things related to sales pipeline development.

But here’s the real difference: we also commit ourselves to intimately understand your brand. That’s why we align our B2B appointment setting strategies and sales support efforts to provide measurable brand optimization with every campaign we launch. Our differentiation is in our ability to build a partnership with your company. One that gives you access to infinite possibilities for growth from the very first hello.

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized demand generation telemarketing campaign can drive outstanding results for your company.

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