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B2B Telemarketing


Accelerate Your Business Development
Fill Your Sales Pipeline

Quality leads are essential to business development. But even more important – a consistent volume of quality leads is vital to fill your sales pipeline with the right people, the decision-makers your sales team want to reach.

Intelemark’s  B2B appointment setters are experienced business professionals who set appointments or generate B2B sales leads by judiciously identifying whether the contact is a real prospect for your company. We base this on the qualification parameters that you set. Quality, not quantity is Intelemark’s commitment to you.

If the prospect is a truly qualified lead, our agent then schedules the prospect for a face-to-face or telephone appointment at a designated time.

It may sound easy, but it is not. It is a time-consuming process that, when not done properly, results in wasted time for your sales team. When a sales team is not equipped with truly qualified leads, sales and revenue is surely impacted.


Our Experienced Professionals
Are an Extension of Your Team

Before we ever pick up the phone to make our first prospecting call, we’ve already spent hours understanding your offering, your brand, your business model, your message, and your market. Our experience team of professionals is an extension of your team. When we contact the prospect, we’ll deliver a message that holds their attention. With information pertinent to their business and the challenges they face in their industry, the relevancy of your company’s offerings results in their willingness to listen to the phone call. Our B2B appointment setting goals are to ensure your prospect is qualified and committed to speak to you at the specified time.

And because our B2B appointment setters are paid hourly, not on commission, they are solely focused on the quality of the lead Intelemark brings you, not only the quantity.

Our experienced team of professionals, campaign process, and focus of quality over quantity are some of the factors that differentiate Intelemark from the rest.

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized B2B appointment setting campaign by Intelemark can drive outstanding results for your company.

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