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B2B Appointment Setting Services That Drive Opportunity

Quality B2B Leads are essential to business development and driving revenue opportunities for your salespeople and company. Articulating your value proposition and addressing the challenges your prospects face on a daily basis in their business is vital to reaching your prospects in a meaningful way. If your sales team is having difficulty generating or spending too much time researching qualified B2B sales leads, outsource time-consuming B2B lead generation activities to an experienced team.

Successful Campaigns Depends on a Number of Factors

Appointment setting and lead generation are not easy and astute companies and sales teams understand this. There are many factors that contribute to the success of your efforts.

Effective Outreach Strategies

Consistent effort and communication with current customers and prospects are key in effective B2B lead generation strategies throughout the sales cycle. Focus on key services including:



Quality leads are essential to business development. But even more important – a consistent volume of quality leads is vital to fill your sales pipeline with the right people, the decision-makers your sales team wants to reach.

Intelemark’s B2B appointment setters are experienced business professionals who set appointments or generate B2B sales leads by judiciously identifying whether the contact is a real prospect for your company.

We base this on the qualification parameters that you set. Quality, not quantity is Intelemark’s commitment to you.

Through Intelemark’s diligent qualifying and follow up process, if the prospect is a truly qualified lead, our agent then schedules the prospect for a face-to-face or telephone appointment at a designated time.

It may sound easy, but it is not. It is a time-consuming process that, when not done properly, results in wasted time for your sales team. When a sales team is not equipped with truly qualified leads, sales and revenue is surely impacted.



If your sales team is having difficulty generating B2B sales leads, or they’re spending too much time researching, cold calling, and hunting for the right, qualified prospects, it may be time to consider outsourcing your lead generation function.

B2B Sales lead generation is like B2B appointment setting but with one major difference: you still set the level of qualifications, and we still articulate your value proposition, but instead of setting a timed appointment, the prospect agrees to take a call over a broad window of time.

The ability to engage with qualified prospects is reliant upon providing value and relevant information to them. Intelemark’s lead generation services  address the challenges and issues your prospects encounter in their businesses on a daily basis with valuable information that will entice them to engage with you.



Are you feeling behind the eight ball, with too much ground to make up in your sales goals and not enough time to accomplish the task?

Do you have an upcoming deadline for an important conference or event you are hosting but the current registration is lower than expected? 

Or do you have a sales pipeline goal that you may not meet?

Intelemark’s Emergency Telemarketing Program is designed to help you get results quickly for leads, registrations or appointments within a tight, urgent time frame. We specialize in time-sensitive calling campaigns with defined objectives to drive results that meet your lead generation and sales goals. 

Timing is everything, especially when quick results are crucial. 

We can ramp quickly to set B2B appointments, cold call, deliver sales leads or generate registrations to help you meet your business objectives. Intelemark leaves you with the peace of mind to focus on other areas of your business. 

Other services which complement Intelemark’s B2B appointment setting and lead generation  strategies include:

Experience Matters in Specialized for Industries

With more than 90 years combined experience in providing successful sales support calling campaigns, our team just gets it. We understand the impact our company has on your success, and we take the task to heart.

We know that not everyone we talk to will result in an appointment or sales lead, but we also believe that every conversation we have about your company can and should have a positive impact on your image in the marketplace and ultimately on your bottom line. For that reason, our approach and our years of experience are truly distinct advantages we bring to our clients.

Healthcare lead generation and appointment setting is an art form that Intelemark has perfected over the past 10 years since our CEO came to Intelemark. Murray Goodman, current Intelemark CEO, spent over 15 years selling into hospitals and clinics, overseeing large sales organizations that targeted hospitals, clinics and physician practices, and consulting with healthcare organizations as well as companies that marketed to hospitals, group practices, and clinics. It is those years of experience that provide the foundation for the expertise Intelemark provides to its clients.

Our level of experience and success dealing with both sides of the healthcare equation allows us to provide a unique perspective to our clients who seek to penetrate the healthcare lead generation and appointment setting space. Our years of experience allow us to craft the appropriate messaging required in a healthcare lead generation and appointment setting campaign. 

Intelemark provides mature, experienced, and qualified agents who are fluent in the nuances of the industry.

In addition to the healthcare industry, our experience drives revenue growth opportunities in the technology industry as well. Intelemark’s customized technology appointment setting campaigns draw from our extensive experience in lead generation for technology and software providers in multiple industries including the medical, pharmaceutical, education, financial services, manufacturing, legal, and local and federal government, and broadcast industries.

Before we ever pick up the phone to make our first prospecting call, we have already spent hours understanding your offering, your brand, your business model, your message, and your market. Our experience team of professionals is an extension of your team. When we contact the prospect, we will deliver a message that holds their attention. With information pertinent to their business and the challenges they face in their industry, the relevancy of your company’s offerings results in their willingness to listen to the phone call. Our goals are to ensure your prospect is qualified and committed to speak to you at the specified time.

Customizing B2B Telemarketing Services to Suit Your Business Objectives

Intelemark’s  B2B appointment setters set appointments or generate B2B sales leads by prudently identifying whether the contact is a real prospect for your company who is truly interested in speaking with your sales team and potentially purchasing your product or service. This determination is based on the qualification parameters set by you, not predetermined by a “one-size-fits-all” standard campaign.

When we work with you, our team is fully immersed in learning your business and industry. We understand your criteria for a qualified lead. We understand exactly with whom you need to speak, and we find that highly qualified lead for your sales team. You set the criteria and Intelemark finds the qualified prospect that fits your requirements.

What Results Can You Expect from an Outsourced Campaign?

Results are variable because many critical factors exist. It is important to understand if the vendor you choose to work with has the proper skills, knowledge, and expertise to execute successful B2B appointment setting campaigns on behalf of your company.

To prepare your company for success and evaluate vendors you are considering, ask the following questions:

Ultimately it is the marketplace that determines the success of a campaign. A skilled and knowledgeable vendor utilizes the tools they have in order to produce successful results.

When all this aligns, you should be able to see a significant ROI for your campaign.

B2b Appointment Setting

And because our B2B appointment setters are paid hourly, not on commission, they are solely focused on the quality of the lead Intelemark brings you, not only the quantity.

Our experienced team of professionals, campaign process, and focus on quality over quantity are some of the factors that differentiate Intelemark from the rest.

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized B2B appointment setting campaign by Intelemark can drive outstanding results for your company.

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