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Services That Drive Results

At Intelemark, we’re passionate about providing services that drive outstanding results for our clients. Through our various lead generation services, we help companies increase their sales pipeline, reach highest-quality prospects, and connect with leaders and decision-makers who are prospective buyers of their products or services.
Ask us why our time-based, fixed-rate pricing model is a better choice than performance-based lead generation campaigns.

On average, our clients report a 40% increase in qualified lead generation and a 30%-70% increase in top-of-sales pipeline activity.


Highest-Quality Business Connections from Intelemark

Demand Generation and Appointment Setting

Before our experienced, North America-based agents start a lead generation campaign, they know your business – understand your brand, message, offering and market. The result? Highest quality leads and appointments with prospects who are ready and anxious to speak to one of your representatives.

B2B APPOINTMENT SETTING – We fill your sales pipeline with a consistent volume of highest quality appointments based on the qualification parameters you provide.

SALES LEAD QUALIFICATION – Not sure which prospects are worth calling? We can help you sort through your list of prospects and identify the valuable contacts you need to reach to begin the sales process. 


SALES LEAD GENERATION – Another way to fill your pipeline is with lead generation that is not a timed appointment. When Intelemark generates a lead, the prospect is expecting your call within a defined timeline; 36 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours etc.


Intelemark specializes in time-sensitive calling campaigns to achieve critical goals or objectives with a short timeline. Some examples of an Emergency Telemarketing Campaign would be event registrations or appointment setting, data vetting, lead qualification, client reactivation or trade show support. For the calling campaign that needs to start yesterday.

Client Retention and Reactivation

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration and U.S. Chamber of Commerce, new client acquisition can cost as much as 5 to 7 times more than simply retaining existing clients. Intelemark’s client retention and reactivation services help keep your audience loyal and engaged with your brand.

CLIENT RETENTION – We work with clients to develop retention strategies to increase loyalty, engagement and satisfaction among existing clients.

CLIENT REACTIVATION – Turn lapsed clients into recurring sales revenue with a Client Reactivation Campaign designed to entice dormant or lost clients to reengage with your brand.

Event Registration and Follow-Up

Every event is an opportunity to acquire clients, build brand awareness and fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads. Intelemark’s event and trade show registration services can drive attendance to your event, and our direct response follow-up campaigns help nurture those leads for maximum ROI. Plus, when you work with Intelemark, you know ALL the leads are being followed up, not just those your sales team chooses to work.

EVENT REGISTRATION – Our experience and expertise in outbound calling campaigns enable us to drive attendance to events such as trade shows, road shows, meetings and webinars.

TRADESHOW SUPPORT/DIRECT RESPONSE FOLLOW-UP – Increase the ROI and optimize available data from every tradeshow, seminar or webinar with Intelemark’s direct response follow-up services.


Sales Support

Focus on what you do best – your business. Leave inside sales management to us.  Companies cannot be all things marketing. Intelemark has been in business for 20 years, helping clients build and sustain their sales pipeline through a wide variety of services we offer, such as

INSIDE SALES ​INSOURCING – Increase sales activity, expand your reach and grow your business. For those companies that want their inside sales teams on-site, Intelemark can help with recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, coaching and managing your inside sales agents. Take the mystery out of building an inside sales team.

SALES INTELLIGENCE – Better understand the marketplace in which you are selling and the specifics of the buying criteria. Let Intelemark deliver crucial insights to you about your target audience.

MARKET RESEARCH SURVEYS – Our market research and client feedback surveys uncover insights that can help you gain greater market share and develop more successful marketing campaigns, plus identify those customers who might be at risk of leaving.

DATABASE CLEANUP AND VETTING – We can improve your sales team’s effectiveness and efficiency by making sure your prospect lists are up-to-date with correct, current and valid information.

VAR COMMUNICATION AND CULTIVATION – We help our clients maximize current revenue streams and create new ones by nurturing relationships with value added resellers (VARs).

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