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Sales Enablement Consulting Services


Schedule Your Sales Organization
Wellness Check-Up

Success within a sales organization is neither easy nor guaranteed. Intelemark offers consulting services to help companies understand the wellness of their sales function, analyze lead generation efforts, establish sales accountability, and provide valuable resources.


A Healthy Sales Organization = Increased Revenue

Like a physical examination for your own health purposes, a regularly scheduled assessment of a sales organization should be a part of every business plan. Today may be the perfect time to assess your sales organization, from top to bottom, and determine its overall health.


Smart Process Improvements
Increase Sales

Understanding the value of current processes and where there can be improvement helps an organization determine how they can increase revenue and sales. Today’s business environment is constantly changing. Proven methods of the past may not continue to work today or in the future. Speak with a process improvement expert today.


No Pain, No Gain –
It’s Well Worth the Effort

An unbiased examination of your sales operations may not be easy or comfortable, but a review from an external resource’s point of view provides a fresh look to your internal staff.


Intelemark’s service doesn’t end with reporting, recommendations and training. Implementation of the recommended changes is the most important step of the sales wellness and improvement process. Intelemark is present at the start and end – from audit to implementation.  




Do Your Lead Generation Objectives
Complement Your Sales Strategy?

It’s true. Objectives don’t always match the tactics we use as a sales organization. And alternatively, sales tactics don’t always support the lead generation objectives set by management. How will success be possible if this is the case?


The Right Objectives
Lead to the Best Qualified Sales Team

An examination of your overall sales organization includes review and recommendations of skill sets, goals and compensation plans, desired behaviors, appropriate deployment, reporting, existing marketing coordination and sales support.

Understand Your Lead Gen Objectives
And Evaluate Current Quality of Leads

Intelemark helps organizations define and understand their lead generation objectives. We analyze your processes to determine if they are the best tactics to support the objectives.




Affirmative Accountability
Drives Increased Revenue

A consistent review of goals, processes, and roles of a sales team should be a regular practice in any company. Sales organizations that assess themselves regularly through a formal audit process maximize talents and resources. Intelemark’s expertise and experience helps to drive increased revenue.




Marketing and Strategy Support
Increase Sales Revenue

Intelemark works with marketing and strategy experts, as well as other business experts to leverage results for your company.


After a full audit of your sales organization, the road to improvement begins. Intelemark has a team of sales, marketing and strategy experts with more than 90 years of business experience to help you achieve your desired results. Successful sales teams embrace and rely on valuable support expertise, such as marketing and strategy planning.


Contact Intelemark today to understand how our sales consulting services can help you analyze and implement improvements to your sales department to drive outstanding results for your company.

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