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Gain a Competitive Advantage
in Your Marketplace with More Sales Leads

Here is where the expertise of our business development team along with the extensive industry knowledge of our Advisory Board can make a critical difference to your company’s marketing edge, market share, and market impact.

With our sales intelligence service, we are able to uncover critical data about your target audience and their thoughts about the products or services there are using from your competitors.

When your salespeople are working their way through the prospecting phase of their sales process, the more relevant information and company data they have about their potential new leads, the better chance they have for many real, viable sales opportunities.

What is Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence embodies the strategy of accumulating actionable data regarding the prospects your sales representatives are targeting, an aspect that’s integral to B2B telemarketing. This data and business intelligence is procured in real-time and sourced from an array of channels and platforms, focusing on prospective clients. The wealth of sales intelligence data delivers significantly more than a rudimentary database of contact information for those prospects you wish to engage. This trove of information transcends the basic provision of contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses. To ensure efficacy, it is imperative that your sales team is equipped with data points that empower them to tailor impeccable messaging, which will strike a chord with the decision-makers of your target companies in their outreach initiatives.

Sales Intelligence Starts with
Defining Your Ideal Customer Profile

Exactly as it sounds, if your sales team is pursuing the wrong prospects, closing sales with be quite difficult for all your salespeople, including your best and most talented members of the team.

New business and building solid customer relationships in a successful sale process is heavily reliant on good sales intelligence data and and a well-defined ideal customer profile. This allows for effective lead management, efficient follow up, and more accurate lead scoring and B2B sales forecasting. The reward for this work is more highly qualified leads which make your outreach and lead generation efforts even more valuable.

Learn About Your Competitors
Learn About Your Prospects

With competitive intelligence you’ll learn the reasons your prospects chose a competitor’s products or services over offerings of other competitors, including yours. You’ll gain insights on how long they’ve been using it. We’ll even uncover what, if any, are their concerns about their current vendor’s products, services, or company.

And most importantly, you’ll learn more about the competitive landscape if applicable, when they may be ready to replace their current solution, and what their future objectives may be. We’ll present this vital client feedback to you and your sales team.

With the use of this sales intelligence information, we help you craft the message for your next calling campaign. Your target will feel that we are speaking to them and addressing their needs.

When completed, we are able to reveal your prospect’s thoughts as it relates to your offer.

How Sales Intelligence Enhances
Your Lead Generation Efforts

The prospecting and lead generation process helps to identify qualified leads, build customer relationships and guide current clients and prospects through the buyer’s journey. This sales enablement process requires a substantial amount of information in order to set up your sales reps for success, however it is a time-consuming task that may weigh heavily on a sales team, not allowing them enough time to focus on closing the sale.

The answers that sales intelligence provides are many:

Marketers and salespeople should prioritize sales intelligence as part of their overall lead generation, sales and marketing, forecasting, and data enrichment planning. They should also identify the sales intelligence tools and CRM to utilize in order to gather and organize pertinent data.

Tools on the market that can be used for mining and organizing the sales intelligence and data enrichment process include:

This is a limited list of sales intelligence solutions, CRMs, automation and SAAS platforms available today to help you design and automate processes for lead generation and outreach campaigns. The different platforms rely on a variety of technology to provide deep insights into B2B company data that will help sales teams really know their target audiences. From artificial intelligence to firmographic and technographic data, to machine learning – there is a tremendous amount of data to mine. It is a vitally important phase in the sales process that will help set up the success of your sales team.

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized sales intelligence campaign can drive outstanding results for your company and keep your sales team focused on closing sales.

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