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Sales Intelligence

Here is where the expertise of our business development team along with the extensive industry knowledge of our Advisory Board can make a critical difference to your company’s marketing edge, market share, and market impact.

With our sales intelligence service, we are able to uncover critical data as to the way your target audience may be thinking or feeling about the product or service they’re using from one of your competitors.

With competitive intelligence you’ll find out why they chose that company’s product or service over offerings of other competitors. You’ll gain insights on how long they’ve been using it. We’ll even find out what, if any, are their concerns about their current vendor’s products, services, or company.

And most importantly, you’ll learn more about the competitive landscape if applicable, when they might be ready to replace their current solution and what their future objectives may be. We’ll give this vital client feedback to you and your sales team.

We’ll use this sales intelligence information when we help you craft the message for your next calling campaign. Your target will feel that we are speaking a language that they need to hear.

When we finish, we will be able to reveal the conversations your prospects have inside their mind as it relates to your offer. It’s almost like having the combination to unlock the safe that’s holding pure gold.

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized sales intelligence campaign can drive outstanding results for your company.

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