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Gain Brand Awareness in an
Important Global Industry

Where the trucking and logistics industry transports products into the hands of consumers, the manufacturing industry takes materials, substances, or components and transforms them into new products. The two industries are reliant on each other and play a very important role in the United States economy.

For those companies who utilize vendors for manufacturing, they often have a choice of multiple manufacturers. For large companies, they must choose between bringing manufacturing in-house or utilize outside resources. In either case, there are also opportunities for manufacturers to be a second and third provider of services for any given company. These are significant opportunities for companies who sell manufacturing services.

If you have a new product or existing products that need exposure and promotion in the marketplace, reaching out to the right prospects is a key strategy for success. Intelemark has a long history of experience in markets where manufacturers work:

Intelemark’s experienced team draws on the in-depth knowledge from the many years of working within the diverse industries of the manufacturing sector to develop effective, efficient customized lead generation and appointment setting campaigns uniquely designed to meet the needs of this industry.

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