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Calling Campaign:

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When a franchisee of the leading global digital marketing provider found it challenging to identify qualified prospects, they reached out to Intelemark to help them build a campaign.


The goals of the campaign included:



Initially, Intelemark created and executed a call campaign to schedule face-to-face meetings with local small to medium sized businesses. However a change in the marketplace warranted new tactics, which were incorporated into the campaign as well.


Intelemark implemented its proven onboarding system for the new client project, which included:



Working with Intelemark and following the recommendations provided, the clients reported a significant increase in the quality of leads received within 6 months of following the campaign’s new strategic re-launch.

Lead Quality Improved Immediately
Improvements in a long-running campaign resulted in a marked improvement in lead quality, leading to an increased number of scheduled appointments in a shorter time.
Closing Rate Increased Exponentially
Closing rate of sales increased at an astounding rate of nearly 50%.
New Tactic Became a Standard Practice
All WSI franchisees that worked with Intelemark incorporated the new tactic as the standard practice in all WSI campaigns due to the successful results of the revised tactics.



A new standard for future campaigns was established as a result of learnings that came from their previous campaigns over an extended period of time. The clients’ willingness to try new tactics was a major factor in improved and increased success.
Differentiating their offerings from the competitive field was very important to the clients. Their industry is highly competitive and challenging.

The clients were open to recommendations of new tactics for the calling campaign and agreed to execute the campaign accordingly.

Due to the success of the new program, the clients incorporated the new tactic as a standard practice in all franchisees’ campaigns.

Being open-minded to changes in the marketplace that occurred over a 3 years period of time prompted them to test tactics they hadn’t used before. It resulted in tremendous success for them.



Intelemark specializes in complex calling campaigns. Thorough preparation, positivity, experience, consistency and tenacity are some of the ways Intelemark agents continue to deliver outstanding value for clients of all sizes.


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