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Healthcare Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Healthcare lead generation and appointment setting is an art form that Intelemark has perfected over the past 10 years since our CEO came to run Intelemark. Murray Goodman, current Intelemark CEO, spent over 15 years selling into hospitals and clinics, overseeing large sales organizations that sold into hospitals, clinics and physician practices, and consulting with both healthcare organizations as well as companies that sold into hospitals, group practices, and clinics. It is those years of experience that provide the foundation for what Intelemark does for its clients that sell into these organizations. Our combined management team has over 30 years of experience in the field. Our agents collectively have numerous additional years of experience.

Our level of experience and success dealing with both sides of the healthcare equation allow us to provide a unique perspective to our clients who seek to penetrate the healthcare lead generation and appointment setting space. Our years of experience allow us to craft the appropriate messaging required in a healthcare lead generation and appointment setting campaign as well as provide the experienced and qualified agents required for a successful campaign.

Our agents are comfortable getting through to high level decision makers, articulating our clients value proposition, qualifying based on the criteria provided by the client, and then setting an appointment with this decision maker at a hospital or clinic. Their years of experience talking to healthcare executives give them the confidence and knowledge to have the type of conversation that ultimately leads to a successful healthcare lead generation effort.

The importance of this level of experience cannot be overstated in providing successful healthcare calling campaigns. Intelemark and its agents understand the decision making process in a hospital. They understand the challenges confronting the prospect every time they pick up the phone and they are sensitive to those challenges. They are respectful and they know how to how to talk to a healthcare executive, not at them. Most importantly, they represent our clients in the most professional manner possible.

At Intelemark we use a checklist before creating every campaign. Some of the key points we address are:

  1. Do we have the correct target list?
  2. Do we have the correct agents deployed?
  3. Is the messaging clear and concise?
  4. Do we have a unique email attachment to send to an inquisitive prospect who wants to see information?
  5. Are all of the logistical issues addressed for a successful Healthcare lead generation and appointment setting campaign?
  6. Do we have the correct support team assigned to the account?
  7. Have we identified all barriers to success?

One thing that is very important in providing a successful healthcare lead generation and appointment setting campaign is to be certain that the client is prepared for success. This may sound obvious, but many times, in all different types of campaigns, the client is ready to have their vendor start the calling without being completely prepared internally. Such things as who will be handling the leads or appointments, what the objective of each should be, and what next steps are after both a successful call and one that may not be quite ready to move forward in the sales process. At Intelemark we endeavour to make certain each and every client is ready for success!

From our years of experience, we can speak fluently about medical equipment and medical devices, technology, purchasing, hardware, human resources, staffing, and language services, to name a few. Whether a hospital, an outpatient clinic, surgical center, imaging center, physician practice, or even group purchasing organizations, we’ve called them all. And as you work with us, you will quickly realize that we understand healthcare lead generation and appointment setting.

Why not let Intelemark provide a “test” campaign for you so that you can see the results for yourself?

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