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A Day in The Life – B2B Telemarketer

A Day in The Life – B2B Telemarketer

My day as a Business Development Specialist for Intelemark starts off without the rush hour traffic, the need to stop for gas, or the requisite preparation of what to take for lunch.

Instead, I have some coffee and cereal, prepare my mind to have a great day of making calls for the client I represent, and prepare my workspace. Working from the Intelemark cloud-based system and not dealing with spreadsheets or papers makes this easy.

I write down my goal for each day and practice my presentation into a mirror. This makes the words flow smoothly when I make my first dial. I’m feeling grateful to present an offering that I am pleased to lend my name to support.

Down to the task at hand!

Starting my day by 8:00 or 8:30 AM in the time zones available, gives me an “early bird” edge. I make a few cold calls first, follow up on my callbacks, and then go back to prospecting.

My focus on each record is the same, always with the attitude that this could be the prospect with a need and who will value my client’s solution. Befriending the receptionist or the administrative assistant helps me cover lots of ground when it comes to getting to the decision maker. When I’m connected to the appropriate prospect, I’m friendly, informed, and sensitive to the contact’s time. I am enthusiastic about the offering and have the calendar ready to schedule the appointment at a convenient time.

I make it a point to listen well and to engage the prospect in a meaningful conversation. If I am met with an objection, I give a second effort. Refusals, voicemails or unavailable prospects do not distract me from my goal. I track my dials to develop a rhythm and make a few extra dials for good measure and for good karma. Sometimes, my day includes a conference call with my Production Manager, the client, and team members. These calls are informative and provide me with more tools for my efforts. My Production Manager is always supportive and encouraging.

When I’m done for the day, I review my results and celebrate the days when I’ve met my goal. I send in my reports and square away my workspace.

Why I Love Working as a Business Development Specialist for Intelemark

The culture at Intelemark is perfect for me. Working from home saves me from an unnecessary commute, which gives me extra time to prepare and enjoy my family mealtime, get in a workout, run errands, or even take in a movie to relax. Another good night’s rest will make me fresh for the next day.

I also feel a huge sense of personal accomplishment when I can generate a lead for one of my clients. My manager is very supportive and the communication I have with clients helps me to do my job better. It provides a personal connection that makes me work even harder to meet their needs.

The work is challenging, fast-paced, fulfilling and I love every minute of it.

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