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Work on their time schedule

work on their time schedule

Appointments are kept when the prospect’s time schedule is adhered to. Time is everything, the one thing we all have a finite amount to work with.  Companies operate on their own time schedule. In order to set an appointment that is kept and looked forward to, tuning your schedule to match theirs sets the tone for a successful meeting. Professional appointment setters are aware of the needs of both sides.

Know the preferred methods executives like to hold their meetings.  The one on one meeting may not be practical, but a video conference is for the reason of reducing travel time.  Even phone appointments can be effective followed up by more calls and emails.

Sales executives are hard pressed for time.  Their time is more valuable when preparing and defining the agenda before the meeting.  Their time on the phone should be cultivating relationships and some appointment setting work.  Leave the work to professionals who are better at setting high level meetings and introducing the sales executive as someone to meet with who has the ability to listen and come up with great solutions.

Excerpt below from United Ideas

Confirm Appointment Details

It is very necessary to be informed on the things you will handle in your scheduled appointments before that time comes. Be sure to confirm where your appointment will take place, the date and also time. Doing so will always keep you on alert not to miss any of your appointments.

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