3 Highly Effective Lead Generation Techniques You Probably Aren’t Using

December 15, 2015

lead generation

Generating leads is tough. You’ve got to employ a variety of tactics, measure their effectiveness, and focus on what works best.

You’ve also got to explore new tactics from time to time. If you’re willing to experiment, you could discover an approach that works extremely well in your target market.

Here are three highly effective lead generation techniques that your organization might not be using yet.

1. VAR partnerships

Value added resellers (VARS) are third parties that can expose your solution to new markets. A classic example is a hardware retailer. The retailer brings value to a manufacturer’s products by making them available in convenient locations and, frequently, by offering service contracts to buyers. By relying on a VAR for some of its sales, a manufacturer leverages the reseller’s expertise and visibility to acquire more buyers for its products.

How might you connect with VARS in your industry to increase visibility and amplify sales opportunities? Typically, you’ll need to nurture interested VARS similarly to how your marketing team nurtures leads. You’ve got to establish direct communication with potential VARS, keep them up to date on your products and services, and let them know how other partners benefit from selling your solution to others.

2. Sales intelligence

Understanding why your audience makes buying decisions is key to unlocking your sales potential. With better sales intelligence, you can discover the best ways to attack the market, improve your sense of the competitive landscape, and gain insights about customers’ pain points.

Surveying your target audience on why they chose one solution over another can help you refine how you position your offering. It can also reveal better ways to gain an edge in the market.

3. Calling campaigns

Let’s face it: One of the hardest things about lead generation is staying on top of your contacts and positioning your solution as the answer to the critical business issues they’re having. It takes time – not to mention a lot of human effort.

But when you do it right, the results are worth it.

A calling campaign is one of those “classic” tactics that can keep you from letting even a single lead slip away. Placing a call to your targets not only provides a direct line of communication with a potential new customer, it is also a highly effective way to identify qualified prospects or even re-qualify prospects.

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