Lead Generation Case Study: 400% Increase in Leads

How One Company Saw a Huge Increase in Leads with a Single Lead Generation Campaign

One of the biggest challenges facing companies is consistently generating enough quality leads without maxing out resources or spending an excessive amount of time trying. Poorly thought-out lead generation processes can leave companies unclear and concerned about their future growth.

Teligistics turned to Intelemark because they weren’t generating enough leads on a regular basis and needed a more effective, robust lead generation campaign. Even as the industry leader in negotiating and managing telecom costs for mid-sized companies and Fortune 500 enterprises, they faced the same problems that confront lots of other companies.

In fact, Teligistics was using their in-house sales staff to make calls, generating only a handful of leads per month, and they knew that wasn’t enough to drive their business to the next level. Telegistics’ goal was to fill their pipeline consistently with qualified prospects while expanding their sales outreach, thereby ensuring the continued success of their business.

Learn How One B2B Lead Generation Campaign Drove Amazing Results for Telegistics

Intelemark created a B2B lead generation calling campaign for Telegistics based on several components of their business, including:

  • Corporate messaging
  • Branding
  • Voice
  • Their unique approach to the marketplace

We also studied their business to gain an in-depth understanding of their value proposition, helping us construct an action plan for how they could effectively convey that value to prospects over the phone.

The results? A 400% increase in leads.

This remarkable increase in lead generation was not a fluke. Any company has the potential to experience this kind of lead growth. But most companies don’t because of various reasons, such as:

  • They lack inside sales staff in-house to do the prospecting.
  • They lack qualified salespeople.
  • They don’t have the right lead generation strategy in place.
  • They spend too much time on leads that are not qualified and cannot buy.

If you recognize these areas of opportunity within your own company, you can begin changing all of that today. Our new case study will walk you through exactly how we created this campaign and how you can apply it to your own business.

We detail the challenge, the solution and the results that originated from the evolution of this campaign. See for yourself how a professional B2B calling campaign can generate similar results for your company.

Download it here today and learn why Intelemark is called The Business Connection Company.


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