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B2B Telemarketing

An Important Marketing Tool for Business Development

B2B telemarketing is extremely important for businesses today and one of the most effective methods of business development. So much more than simply a cold call. Outbound telemarketing should be part of your company’s lead generation marketing strategy every year. In addition to marketing or selling products or services to potential customers, establishing relationships with them is a key component for the successful sales. Sales cycles tend to be long in the B2B sales world, and sales reps rely heavily on relationship building to help them ultimately close the sale.

B2B sales are more challenging than B2C sales in many ways. The decisions that need to be made in business to business transactions are often quite large in scope and important in that these product purchases or service engagement decisions contribute greatly to the growth of their organization. Establishing relationships is vital to prospecting and lead generation for B2B sales because the audience is far smaller than those for companies who are selling B2C products or services to consumers.

B2B Telemarketing Services – Let Us Help You With a Telemarketing Strategy

Why should your company engage a telemarketing company to help your salespeople speak with qualified leads? What types of telemarketing campaigns can be implemented on your behalf? The goal is always to get to the decision makers of a company that is a potential customer and continue to engage with them, no matter how long the sales cycle may be.

Intelemark already provides B2B lead generation and appointment setting and other related services aimed at increasing a sales team’s pipeline. These include lead qualification, customer reactivation, customer retention, database cleanup, emergency telemarketing, event registration, surveys/market research/customer feedback and each of these services could be part of a larger marketing campaign, particularly a campaign utilizing telemarketing calls.

Busy sales teams usually prefer to concentrate their efforts on closing their existing sales pipeline. Prospecting often is not a priority and as a result, their sales pipeline is not always filled to the necessary level with new prospects in order to have a continuous, non-stop stream of ongoing sales. Companies battle the challenge of keeping their sales funnel robust on almost a daily basis.

Cold calling should never be ignored as it is an effective way to introduce your company to new prospects. Based on your then current sales pipeline, determining if your sales team should be devoting a larger portion of their time to prospecting should be simple. If the pipeline is not full of real buyers, your company should utilize an outsourced telemarketing group for these services.

When telemarketers manage the prospecting process, salespeople can focus 100% of their time selling and closing. Salespeople like this type of process – it is motivating for them to be a closer. They earn more commission. The love their jobs and are more satisfied with the role they play in the whole sales process. And more revenue can be produced for your company in the same amount of time.

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized B2B telemarking campaigns and services by Intelemark can drive outstanding results for your company and be the perfect solution during a challenging business environment.


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