Frequently Asked Questions

How is outsourcing my company’s prospecting efforts good for my bottom line?

Your sales department is good at sales, right? Yes and no, actually. While your sales reps may be the best at closing deals, cold-calling (and other door opening tactics) may not be their strong suit. Instead of sending your sales executives into the wild to try to generate leads, let us handle the initial steps so that your most valuable assets—your employees—can do the things that bring your organization the most ROI.

Our lead qualification process can put your sales executives in front of the right prospects, which means no dead-end sales trips. While we’re busy hunting down leads and setting appointments, your in-house sales executives will be able to focus on closing more sales. And because you know that Intelemark—your outsourced inside sales team—is qualified for the job, you can rest assured that your sales executives will only be presenting to prospects who are willing and able to invest in what your company has to offer.

What is the difference between professional appointment setting/lead generation and telemarketing?

“Pre-owned vehicle” and “used car” mean the same thing. This isn’t the case for “appointment setting/lead generation” and “telemarketing,” because the differences between the two are distinct. For one, we focus our efforts on finding the right leads for your company without doing traditional “shotgun blast” telemarketing (which involves little aim and a lot of noise and damage to your brand). Additionally, our Business Development Agents’ focus is not on selling products. Intelemark agents focus on one thing—providing qualified prospects so that your sales executives—the real experts—can do their jobs. Our agents go through rigorous training with each client to make sure that they are the best representatives for our clients’ campaigns.

How is Intelemark different from other appointment setting and lead generation companies?

Intelemark is a man amongst boys in the appointment setting and lead generation industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with data-rich, responsive calling campaigns that don’t compromise their brands. Our proprietary software allows us to be the fastest to market with our clients’ campaigns and gives our clients a rich database for CRM. This ensures that any agent who contacts a lead on behalf of your company is well-informed and supported with rich data. None of our competitors can balance quantifiable results with brand health the way we do.

How are you able to conduct campaigns without sacrificing my company’s brand integrity?

Your brand is one of your biggest investments, and it needs to be protected. In the old days, when a prospect had a bad experience with a brand, they would tell their family and friends all about it (much like we do now). But since no one was recording the feedback on a forum or website, the bad press had the luxury of dissipating on its own.

Now we live in a different world. Today when someone has a bad experience with a brand, the Internet gives them a megaphone with which to share their dissatisfaction with the world using social media and Web 2.0 tactics. This is why Intelemark won’t leave your brand vulnerable to attacks from disgruntled prospects, because we take every necessary precaution against disgruntling anyone in the first place. We only hire high-quality appointment setting professionals. This means no pushy sales types, no disinterested teenagers and no one who lacks the intelligence to be able to explain your product or service.

How much does an Intelemark calling campaign cost?

Pricing varies based on the complexity and the size of your program. Contact us about your needs for more information.

How does “rich data” help me get my prospects to agree to meetings?

In today’s world, knowledge is not power: access to knowledge is. By partnering with Intelemark, our clients have access to information at their fingertips.

First, because we capture data with each call, we are able to gives our clients’ sales executives a wealth of knowledge about their prospects. This means that they’ll be well-informed and in the right position to close on the sale. Secondly, our proprietary software collects meaningful data for CRM after the call. This allows us to generate daily reports and online calendars for our clients, while also keeping up-to-date on which leads are viable and which are dead ends. By collecting data for CRM, we are able to generate a substantial database that can be used for smarter calling and/or marketing campaigns in the future. Also, unlike many of our competitors, any data we collect belongs to our client.

Does Intelemark have its own proprietary software, and can it do things that other companies’ software cannot?

Funny you should ask—we do in fact have our own proprietary software. Not only does it give our individual agents the ability to manage their own “bucket of data,” but it also allows for complete management oversight, thorough data analysis and easy manipulation of complex data to optimize results. Our clients always have access to reports on the progress of their campaign, the status of the data and the productivity generated by those agents working on their behalf.

The data we collect for our clients belong to them, so you’ll always own all of the data we’ve collected for you.

How is Intelemark faster than its competitors?

When you agree to use Intelemark as your outsourced inside sales team, we can get your calling campaign up and running in a matter of days instead of weeks. Additionally, our software allows us to collect and manage rich data for you when you need it most. Our competitors may take days to produce a report, but in most cases, we’ll get one to your inbox in less than an hour.

Should I really care that you pay your agents differently than your competitors?

If you want qualified leads without compromising your brand, you should care. Our agents are paid by the hour, not on commission like our competitors, which attracts a higher quality of appointment setting professionals. This means your prospects won’t get irritated by someone who is desperately trying to keep them on the line. Also, because our agents don’t get paid by the number of “yeses” they secure, they are able to focus on only the right leads, not anyone they can find who will help them pad their total number of “conquests.”

What agent qualifications are required before they are hired to make calls on my company’s behalf?

Our Business Development Agents go through an extensive screening process before we hire them to be representatives of your company. We require new hires to have at least three years of previous experience with inside or outside sales or professional appointment setting. From there, we put new hires through a round of in-depth psychological tests, auditions, etc. Our high standards and requirements are stringent enough to weed out those agents who aren’t mature or professional enough to represent our clients’ companies.

How much involvement is required on my part?

We work best as an integrated part of our clients’ sales teams, which does involve some participation on your part. At the onset of a new calling campaign, we work tightly with you while developing discussion guidelines and training our agents on your company’s offerings. Our managers and agents immerse themselves in your company’s literature to ensure that they are fully briefed on all issues related to your specific calling campaign. By working in tandem with you, we dramatically improve our ability to provide new revenue opportunities.

How do you know who to call?

We’ve been an industry leader for over a decade, so we know a thing or two about getting our clients in front of the right people. Have some doubts? Take a minute to look through the list of companies we have set appointments with for our clients.