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Intelemark Multi-Touch Lead Nurturing Reaches Valued Targets with B2B Appointment Setting

Client: Healthios
Industry: Investment Banking
Calling Campaign: Appointment Setting

Client Challenge/Goal

Healthios’ sales staff struggled in their attempts to reach key investment strategy decision-makers at Hedge Funds, Limited Partnerships, and Emerging Growth Companies.

They decided to outsource B2B appointment setting and contacted Intelemark. Although their CEO was somewhat skeptical that we could accomplish Healthios’ objectives, they hired us.

The Intelemark Solution

Intelemark assigned agents to this campaign who had some prior experience in this field (as we always do, whenever possible). Intelemark worked closely with the client to develop a communications strategy and messaging. Then we quickly got to work.

How Intelemark Strategized to Achieve Results:

As Intelemark worked on the B2B appointment setting campaign, we discovered that high-level, high-valued targets were not a “one call close.” We put on our thinking caps to develop and implement a multi-touch lead nurturing process. We used a combination of email and phone calls with the intention of developing relationships with these key decision-makers to help them better understand the Healthios offering and convert them to qualified leads.


After implementing a multi-touch nurturing process, Intelemark successfully generated a steady stream of qualified appointments with key decision-makers for Healthios who controlled investment portfolios that were measured in the billions of dollars. The initial skepticism of the Healthios CEO was overcome as the results of the successful campaign became evident. We’ve subsequently concluded three additional campaigns for Healthios.

The Intelemark Difference

Intelemark works to develop a solid understanding of their client’s business model. Further, we gain in-depth knowledge of our client’s offering in order to develop the appropriate methodologies needed to understand the mindsets of the targets we are asked to contact. This allows Intelemark to design a successful outreach process that achieves higher results than most firms do.

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