It’s So True – It’s Up To You To Help Qualified Prospects Buy

Why nurturing your leads makes sense because only a small percentage of prospective buyers are ready and able to buy right away. Most need nurturing, to help leads become highly qualified prospects that are ready to buy. Marketing is the act of educating and preparing someone who qualify themselves by responding to calls to action. […]

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An Expert’s Perspective on Lead Generation and Executive Appointment Setting

Key Takeaways: The typical inside sales rep makes 67 dials per day, but the average “best of breed” sales rep will make 190 dials per day. 500 leads worked for 1 month should yield 40 conversations The best follow-up or nurturing e-mails are basic text emails —three sentences, three lines long, sent at 3p.m. This […]

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How A Sales Funnel Strategy Is Set Up To Engage, Educate, and Deliver The Goods

Optimizing your sales process is crucial to closing more business. Do you have what it takes to help your business grow? Every business owner wants their business to grow, and the key to growth is a steady influx of qualified sales leads. Curated From Hubspot Michael Kristiansen’s insight: If your prospect is prepared to buy, […]

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