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10 Questions Demystify How to Choose a B2B Appointment Setting Firm

10 questions If you’re trying to choose from the abundance of B2B appointment setting companies out there, creating evaluation criteria can be a bewildering exercise. Among other things, you’re probably wondering…

  • What to look for when researching a company’s track record
  • How to distinguish a winning campaign management process from a lousy one
  • How to ensure agents understand and protect your brand

Issues like these pose major hurdles to organizations evaluating B2B demand generation firms. In our latest white paper, we tear down those hurdles and empower you to identify an experienced partner that will help you meet – or even exceed – your business goals.

The new white paper is called, “10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a B2B Appointment Setting Firm,” and you can download it now!

In the white paper, you’ll learn more than just how to research companies and evaluate agent hiring and training processes. You’ll also gain insights on test campaigns (yes, you’ll want to request one!), database handling, reporting requirements, and more! It’s a comprehensive resource that you can use as the foundation for your selection process.

At Intelemark, we’re not prone to boasting, but we are proud of this new white paper. We have no doubt you will enjoy substantial value from it, so go ahead and graab it for free today!

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