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2 Top Best Practices for B2B Calling Campaigns

b2b calling campaigns

Before you schedule your next B2B calling campaign, consider how the following best practices can enhance that campaign and generate better results.

  1. Use a targeted approach.

Using a targeted approach involves researching your target companies to find the right contact at the right level. You can save time and money by identifying key decision-makers early in the process. Also, recognize that in some B2B companies, there is a committee tasked with purchasing decisions. You want to make sure the calls you’re making are to the person(s) with either the authority to make buying decisions or who are involved in the buying decision.

  1. Use an integrated approach.

A B2B calling campaign should not be the only part of your marketing strategy. Choose a variety of initiatives using both inbound and outbound marketing techniques to provide customers and prospects the information they need before making a decision. It takes multiple touches to reach, engage and convert a prospect and you need to ensure that your brand is front and center at every touch point.

Some people call into question the efficacy of B2B calling campaigns. Intelemark recently released an Executive Report titled “Evaluating the Effectiveness of B2B Telemarketing: Does It Still Work?” The report details several types of telemarketing campaigns that can help you generate spectacular results.

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