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3 B2B Lead Generation Tips for Smart Marketers

B2B Lead Generation

Nothing inspires a sales team more than a consistent stream of sales leads, and marketing teams will go to great lengths to keep high quality opportunities in the hopper. But in some cases, going back to the fundamentals of B2B lead generation can be quite rewarding. Here are 3 tactics you may want to revisit to improve your lead generation strategy:

1. Don’t dismiss proven tactics

While experimenting with new B2B lead generation tactics can be valuable at times, that doesn’t mean you should abandon traditional tactics – especially when they’ve proven to be successful time and again. Smart marketers don’t go all-in with a single approach, but rather a strategic set of integrated strategies. They leverage traditional tactics, such as email, direct mail and telemarketing, that open a direct line of communication with their leads.

2. Qualify every lead – no exceptions!

Unqualified leads are a waste of time for sales reps. Before sending a lead to sales, complete a qualification rubric that ensures the lead:

  • Has decision-making authority
  • Has a need for your solution
  • Has the ability and the willingness to invest

3. Pick up the phone

Calling campaigns remain very effective. In a recent survey by LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community, well over half of respondents named telemarketing as an effective B2B lead generation tactic.

Phone calls work because they can quickly determine whether a lead is worth pursuing. If the lead doesn’t qualify at the level you need, you’ve wasted no time.. If it is a qualified lead, you can fast-track that lead to sales.

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How healthy is your lead generation?

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