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3 Things You Must Consider When Evaluating Lead Generation Companies

Of all the lead generation companies vying for your business, how do you know which one is the right choice? Here are three things to consider during your evaluation:

1. Specialty

Is the lead generation company a jack-of-all-trades, or does it focus on a specific skill? You’re usually better off choosing the latter. Why? Because a company who specializes in a single approach, such as calling campaigns, will probably be much more adept at implementing a successful, revenue-generating strategy than a company for whom telemarketing is not a primary focus, but just a part of a larger suite of services.Specialization usually indicates a greater degree of competence.

2. Speed

Lead generation doesn’t have to be slow. Tactics like outbound calling can help you acquire leads with extraordinary efficiency. When experienced telemarketers contact a potential lead by phone, they’re in a fantastic position to extend your brand and quickly determine whether the lead has a problem that your organization can solve.

That’s probably why well over half of respondents in a survey by LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community named telemarketing as an effective tactic. It’s fast – and it works!

3. Precision

How well does the company qualify leads? If you hire a lead generation company, you should expect to receive satisfactory answers to specific questions that you want asked. The best way to ensure such precision is to hire a company that implements strategic calling campaigns that are capable of qualifying your leads to the level of qualification you require by using a series of mutually agreed upon tactical questions.

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