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4 Reasons Telemarketing Unlocks Business to Business Sales Potential

Telemarketing Unlocks Business to Business Sales Potential

Increasing business to business sales requires substantial effort. That’s why companies engage in a variety of lead generation tactics – so they can reach as many potential customers as possible, close more deals and consistently generate revenue.

But according to a recent survey by LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community, only 16% of respondents rated their overall lead generating efforts as “very” or “extremely” effective. In contrast, 52% of respondents rated telemarketing as “very” or “somewhat” effective!

Why is telemarketing so beneficial to these companies? Let’s explore four ways telemarketing can help you increase B2B sales.

1. Establish rapport with potential customers

Could there be a better way to build rapport with potential customers than simply talking to them? A smart telemarketing effort will target specific companies that can benefit from your product or service. As a result, you gain an opportunity to build a real, “speaking terms” relationship with a prospect. They’ll know who you are, and they’ll know your company has the solution to a business problem they’d like to solve.

2. Efficient lead qualification = fewer missed opportunities

Telemarketing helps you qualify leads efficiently. All it takes is a quick call to the right person to determine whether a lead has the need, budget and authority to engage with your company.

Other tactics – such as those that don’t involve direct communication – can create missed opportunities. If the lead is about to pull the trigger on a solution and you’re not there to help, you’ve just lost a sale!

3. More precise lead qualification = better use of your time and money

A script, a story and a motivated agent: it’s exactly what you need to filter out the “likely-to-buy” leads from the “interested, but not ready” and “we don’t need your solution” types. It’s a recipe for precision in lead qualification.

If you’re not qualifying leads by asking each contact “point blank” whether they’re able and ready to invest in a solution, you risk sending unqualified leads to the sales team. That’s an enormous waste of time and money and it’s something you can avoid with a calling campaign that carefully vets each target.

4. Quickly identify decision makers

Is your contact a decision maker? Even if the contact isn’t, they might be able to connect you to the person who is. Telemarketing helps to identify individuals with the authority to make buying decisions. All you have to do is ask.

It’s time to embrace marketing tactics that help you identify promising leads and boost business to business sales. Contact Intelemark today to pursue a sophisticated calling campaign that helps you increase sales revenue.

How healthy is your lead generation?

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