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An “Outside-the-Box” Technique for Qualifying B2B Sales Leads

For many organizations, attempts to generate B2B sales leads yield mixed results.

Picture this common scenario… A suspect responds positively to your initial communication, so you take them through the next step of the qualification process. At this point, they seem likely to turn into a prospect, but not so fast! After asking the qualifying questions, it turns out that the potential prospect has no budget and doesn’t have the authority to make buying decisions.

Unfortunately, this happens more often than not, but scenarios like this can be avoided by employing a simple, outside-the-box technique: let the prospect say “no” instead of “yes.”

This technique may seem counterintuitive, but consider that there are resources needed to qualify a lead. You need to verify if this target has a need for your solution, their authority to make decisions, if they have available budget, and what their anticipated timeline is. Every time you ask a qualifying sales leads question, they have an opportunity to either qualify or disqualify him or her as a likely prospect.

No one wants to disqualify a lead on purpose, right? It’s much easier to get a prospect excited about your solution, encourage them to say “yes” and turn them over to sales. However, taking the time to truly qualify the lead will help everyone be more efficient and resourceful. Identifying the truly qualified leads sometimes means turning away a lot of potential ones that don’t meet your specific criteria – and that’s ok.

Think of it this way: The more times you hear “no,” the less time you will spend on unqualified leads. And that is a very good thing!

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