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Are Calling Campaigns a Critical Component of Lead Nurturing?

lead nurturing with calling campaigns

It’s tempting to think of B2B lead nurturing as a protracted exercise in which potential customers tumble leisurely down a deep, long sales funnel.

But lead nurturing doesn’t have to be a slow process. Calling campaigns, used strategically,can speed things along by qualifying prospects and determining whether they are “in” or “out” quickly. Here’s how:

Discover problems that your organization can solve

Instead of waiting for leads to make a move that indicate genuine interest, a calling campaign allows you to make the move. By placing a phone call, you’re in a position to find out more information about a potential lead than any other form of fact-finding. For instance, you can determine whether or not a lead is currently experiencing a problem for which you have the solution and they are interested in speaking with you about it. If they are, you can move the lead along through your sales funnel, avoiding what could have been an unnecessarily long lead nurturing process.

Also, if it turns out that a particular lead isn’t likely to buy you’ve saved your company from spending time and money nurturing a non-lead who was never going to convert.

Open a direct line of communication

Opting in to your email list, dropping off a business card at your trade show booth and visiting your website are all actions that can indicate a lead’s awareness of your services, but they don’t indicate whether a lead is in a position to make a purchasing decision.

By communicating with them through a calling campaign, you open up a direct line of communication with a potential lead that can be nurtured from first contact to revenue event. Calling can be much more effective than sending emails that may or may not be opened, or even direct mail that oftentimes is lost in the shuffle.

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