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Attract More Sales Leads with Telemarketing

Attract Sales Leads with Telemarketing

The word “telemarketing” might not make everyone beam from ear to ear with admiration, but marketing and sales professionals love it. Why? Because a sophisticated telemarketing effort attracts sales leads like no other lead generation tactic can. Here are some reasons why:

Uncover New Opportunities

Speaking with a real person can provide an immediate answer to these three all-important questions:

  1. Does the organization have a problem that our solution(s) can solve?
  2. Is this organization able to make a buying decision in the near future?
  3. Would they be willing to speak to us about our solutions?

Other tactics in particular – those that limit direct, verbal communication with a lead – rarely deliver valuable intelligence in such a short amount of time and in the quantities that companies want the intelligence.

With telemarketing, all it takes is one conversation with the right person to determine whether you’ve got a promising opportunity on your hands.

Find Your “In”

Here’s something else you get with telemarketing: a clear path to a decision maker. Ultimately, telemarketing can connect you with important contacts much faster than protracted, multi-channel marketing efforts. Even if your first point of contact isn’t in a position to make a decision, he or she can often direct you to the person who is. And to a sales person, that “in” is valuable information to have.

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