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Checklist for Hiring a Demand Generation Agency

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It’s no surprise that many B2B organizations are looking for a demand generation agency to help them capitalize on marketing opportunities. While identifying a demand generation agency is simple – there are many to choose from – selecting the right one may be more difficult than you think.

To be sure you hire the right provider, use this simple checklist before making a commitment:

  1. Verify whether the company knows its own strengths. Some companies pretend to be a jack-of-all-trades that can handle any kind of campaign. Avoid them. The right company for you is one that knows where its strengths lie. For example, Intelemark knows how to get results for B2B healthcare, technology, and financial services companies. We don’t accept new business when we don’t feel they’re a fit for us.
  2. Look for industry experience. If a company has staged successful campaigns for other organizations in your industry, that’s a great start. Ask them to describe how they handled those campaigns and what kinds of results they delivered. Are they capable of delivering your unique value proposition using the language expected in your target industry?
  3. Ask about process. The company you hire should follow an established process in which agents develop a deep understanding of your solutions and value proposition. Ask about how the provider trains their agents and what quality assurance processes are in place.
  4. Calculate potential ROI. Assuming you’re comfortable with how a demand generation provider will handle the above checklist items, you’ll need to determine whether projected revenue from the campaign will exceed the cost of the service. Can the agency deliver positive ROI? You should feel confident that it will.

If you’re looking for an experienced demand generation provider with a lengthy track record of positive results for B2B organizations, contact Intelemark today! Feel free to evaluate us with the above checklist and request a test campaign before committing to a long-term engagement.

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