Discover Promising Healthcare Leads With a Simple Approach

October 29, 2015

Promising Healthcare Leads

Connecting with valuable healthcare leads isn’t exactly a piece of cake. It requires a concerted, painstaking effort to reach hospital executives, administrators and decision makers at healthcare organizations.

To find your “in” with an important contact, you’ve got to speak the language of healthcare. You’ve got to understand the business of healthcare.

Industry expertise trumps every other approach

Health professionals are committed to providing the best possible patient care – it’s a goal that supersedes every business-related matter. It’s critical to bear in mind this commitment as you deliver the value proposition for your company.

In addition, identifying someone with decision-making authority requires intimate knowledge of the healthcare value chain: Who can help you present your solution to an authority figure? Who should you call first, and with whom should you be speaking?

A deep understanding of healthcare isn’t just helpful when marketing to this audience. It is essential.

The best way to gain traction with healthcare leads

Calling health professionals is challenging. At Intelemark, we’ve been generating and qualifying healthcare leads for 15 years. We don’t just understand this business – we’re fluent in the language of healthcare.

If you’re ready to make valuable connections in the healthcare industry that lead to increased sales, contact Intelemark today to set up a test campaign!